Bracha Sorotzkin

Bracha Sorotzkin

Jerusalem, Mekor Baruch, Israel

About Bracha Sorotzkin

Bracha Sorotzkin was born in the U.S.A. and lives in Jerusalem.
Presently she designs an embroiders the
Rekem Judaica Wall Art collection,
incorporating materials as lace, suede, silk, leather, and velvet,
with gold beads and Swarovski stones.
She developed her own technique to sculpture her artwork and create depth,
by using crochet chains and unique stitches, glued on stretched material.
Bracha’s main inspiration has always been
one of her first art teachers- Naama Kitov.
Sorotzkin still breathes Naama’s typography
and puts lot of emphasis on the color combinations.
She loves to incorporate arches and steps in many of her creations, like Kitov.
Professor Yoram Rozov from Bezalel is her other Guru and inspiration in art and design instruction.
Her favorite themes are Jerusalem and Judaica objects.
She also enjoys working with her beloved passages of the Psalms.
Her line in the people gallery, and especially the new Chaalmer additions,
convey the happiness, charm, chutzpa and innocence of the Jerusalem scenery.
Most of her creations are series of sets of four
with unique creative color combinations.
Each piece of art is one-of-a-kind,
and has a hand embroidered signature.


She learned at the Gateshead Teacher’s Training College in England.
Later she studied design and art with many famous teachers of the Bezalel Academy,
and specialized in web programming and video at John Bryce.
She excelled in Motion Design and in Advanced Video After Effects.
She has a rich history and portfolio in Graphic Design,
and 35 years of experience of teaching art and Visual Communication,
at the Ofakim College and in her own schools.


She displayed her works at the Mammilla Hotel,
House of Art in Jerusalem
and at The Shelter Gallery in Jerusalem.