Frédéric Neveur

Frédéric Neveur

La Rochelle, France

About Frédéric Neveur

Author and creator, I love to dig up forgotten digital landscapes. The kind of landscapes we walked along without paying attention particularly during the golden age of video games... I love to find captivating details in everything and then make them pop up playing with abstraction and colors!

Born in Versailles, France, near the castle, yet I grew up between pines, vineyards and salt marshes, between the Bordeaux region and the incomparable light of the Island of Ré, where my family is from. I have a master's degree in cultural geography and two teacher's degrees. I lived in the Washington State, near Portland, USA, where I really started writing fantasy stories (I'm published by Evidence Edition), to imagine graphic concepts (participation in a project on the representation of mushrooms by the Botanical Gardens in Nijmegen in the Netherlands...) and designing RPG and card games (game designer on the Crowded Cave project at Nordic Raven Games).
It was during a trip to the Czech Republic that I met the mother of my lovely daughter, born in 2010, who is a source of inspiration every day. I now live with Rebecca K., a charming Swedish anaesthetist researcher in Stockholm who fills my huge gaps in many domains (self esteem, social networks, washing dishes ;-)). In order to pay the high taxes in France, I am the happy teacher of 28 little monsters who like to make fractals in modelling clay, in a private school of Cognac where I develop "serious games" for educational purposes. I am trying to publish one of my projects : modelling a micro democracy in the classroom space by giving students the opportunity to manage virtual cities by building the facilities voted by the group. This management game with learning protocols coming from imagination and debates is the subject of a doctoral project in the sciences of education.
Regarding creative writing, I like the fantasy genre (Tolkien, Sapkowski...). I am passionate about mapping imaginary universes (I am a cartographer and I love to draw imaginary maps while listening to the works of Japanese composers like Uematsu, Mitsuda or Kikuta). I also like to explore fantastic worlds, strangely realistic, related to the emotions of women and men who have lost themselves, consciously or unconsciously (like the Miyazaki’s movies for example). Writing, telling a story (just like painting…) is, in my case, a personal way of approaching the true meaning of love and talking about difficult topics - such as violence perpetrated on children - to grasp the meanders of different feelings that flow. I write to try to understand the soul by introspection. I wish my writings to awaken emotions. And that my stories can help one way or another.
It's been 15 years since I wrote the project of a life, "Endemia", whose first book will be published soon in French, English and Swedish.
Everything in life could become a cognitive experience to share. Memories, moments, acts, emotions, sounds, words, landscapes, shades and colors, whatever its deepest origin, what makes an artwork "beautiful" is a mix of channeling an emotion with an original skill and a cultural heritages, the sensitivity and the fame from the ones who value it. I shared all those thoughts with some friends artists like Hadley Seymore or Donin.
Thank you very much for spending time reading this unnecessarily long biography!


Master in Cultural Geography, Doctoral studies on games and education, professor diplomas.


The invention of Time and the Universe.