Artist Eight Zero Zero Eight Five

Artist Eight Zero Zero Eight Five

London, ON, Canada

About Artist Eight Zero Zero Eight Five

"artist 80085" is an artist collective. Together we make upcycled healing art, almost entirely out of upcycled materials, such as house paint, fabric, wood boards, and doors. Our themes span: Nature, Science, Spirituality, Geometry, Society, Pop Culture, and fun. We include healing colours, shapes, and intentions into the work, to create a healing effect for the viewer. *********

As far as we count Pi, (to 2.7 trillion decimal points), the number 80085 appears 5.4 billion times, far, far, too many times for co-incidence, proving that either an intelligent force in the universe exists, and that it has a sense of humor; Either that or (the numbers) 80085 are some vital part of the very the structure of reality itself. Or at least of circles.*********
One of our artists has won hundreds of awards from the Real Carl Lambert Dance Academy of Dance Painting *********

Our painting method involves using meditation and water in paint mixtures. All 80085 paintings contain the emotional imprints left by water which received the intention of love, gratitude, and healing. This technique is influenced by documentary "Water, the Great Mystery" which explains through history, science, and religion, that water has memory, and that it records intentions and emotions, until it is cleared by undergoing a state change. To take it a level further, like in shamanism, we work with the consciousness of the combined materials, to focus them on love and healing, and also to grow with goodness in the environments they are placed into.

These healing paintings are embedded with loving intentions, vibrations, and healing colours, (and sometimes geometry) to inspire us to focus on our joys, and to create better realities on Earth now. ********* Disclaimer:

The artists assume no liability for their artwork. By seeing/hearing/reading about the art the viewer assumes all responsibility for his or her own emotional and psychological reactions regardless of how the art is expressed what it's made of or how it ages. By buying a painting you promise not to sue anyone. *********

email:, if you see something you like, and we can work something out. Most paintings in our "artworks" section are still available, even though they are not listed as for sale. All sold paintings are listed as not available in the description.


Our Combined education includes:

*30+ years of hands on experience making visual art in the school of life.
*numerous Canadian Art Schools
*no art schools
*Private Training
*no training
*spiritual studies
*Energy Healing/ Reiki