Elle Hanley

Elle Hanley

Seattle, WA, United States

About Elle Hanley

Elle Hanley is a self taught American Fine Art photographer currently living and working in Seattle. her work is alluring and unexpected focusing mainly on capturing beauty and emotion in a still shot of time.

Elle enjoys the challenges in creating something classic and timeless from a thoroughly modern process and the contradiction between the two is a strong theme throughout her work.

currently she is mixing the realms of art and fashion, working to expand her current open series, as well as creating self portraits. always working on several projects and bringing new and intriguing characters to life to photograph.

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Art in Augmented Reality
Solo Exhibition, Artebinaria - June - July 2019

Solo Exhibition, Axis Pioneer Square - December - January 2016/17

Elle Hanley
Solo Exhibition, Urban Light Studios - January 2015

Solo Exhibition, Axis Pioneer Square - October 2014

Make Believe
Group Exhibition, Darkroom Gallery - October 2013

Alter Ego
Group Exhibition, The Kiernan Gallery - August 2013

In Bloom
Group Exhibition, Darkroom Gallery - July 2013

Self Portrait
Group Exhibition, PhotoPlace Gallery - May 2013

Group Exhibition, Darkroom Gallery - April 2013

Group Exhibition, RAW Natural Born Artists Seattle - February 2013

Snap to Grid
Group Exhibition, Los Angeles Center for Digital Art - January 2013

Id - The Object of Self
Group Exhibition, Darkroom Gallery - September 2012

Both Sides of the Lens
Group Exhibition, The Kiernan Gallery - April 2012