Emily Puetter

Emily Puetter

Berlin, Brandenburg, Germany

About Emily Puetter

Born in Freiburg, lives in the surroundings of Berlin. Art studies and grants international
Action drawings large complex paper works in mixed media and on canvas and also mixed media. Perspectives of cities and breaking the familar views in the creation of new ones in constant movement. Also studies of complementary colours, layers and mixing al materials.
Paintings are densely layered and paper works are big scale. The Portraits of the "unimportant" little animals are an other perspective on the critical view to the obvious. Complexity instead of simplicity.


Art studies in Berlin, Freiburg , Mexico D.F. and Barcelona. Individual shows in Bale, Madrid, Freiburg and Berlin: www.emily-puetter.com


"Billy the Bomb" in Wismar 2012 a big installation in a gothic church with a peace altar made from a large fishing net and non printed plastic bags.
2015 Displaced www.schlachten.org
2017 I´m safe www.schlachtenfestival.org
2018 Coutryside in former times and today.... By Kunstverein Schlachten e. V.


internacional see webside
Publications and books: Sandengel, Ifitry, PalmArtpress