Esther Glina Montagner

Esther Glina Montagner

San Diego, CA, United States

About Esther Glina Montagner

Accomplished Artist, Born in New York.
Permanent Museum Installations: Air & Space, San Diego & The Holocaust Museum, Richmond, Virginia.
Private & Corporate collections worldwide.
Bold,rich story telling with a strong sense of purpose. Abstract Expressionism is how I use color as my subject, texture as my message or statement, and scale as my conviction. I have total disregard for the "traditional" stylistic progression. I never want to limit my range of ideas and materials.Being an artist is like searching for something you didn't know you were looking for and finding it.
Represented by Nicolette at Kai in London.
Art work: Museums permanent collections: "Those People" . It is a very powerful collection of painted & real suitcases, with my family members names on them (a generation lost, nameless no more).They were all killed in the Holocaust. This is an artistic tribute to them, but it is the raw emotion of their story thru these canvas which makes it a compelling experience.
" Flight, Training Wheels and Wings", at the Air & Space Museum/San Diego is in the Education wing, exploring flight by telling the story in an way that allows your own imagination to soar.
Art has given me a language that speaks my truth, unfiltered.
Visual tour of my solo show featuring 78 large abstracts available to view, please contact me directly for link.



Art Major, UCLA Westwood, California,


Future Shows: KAI - London, England
"Puzzled" at The Centre, Escondido,CA April 2013 thru March 2014
Solo art show exhibition of 78 original abstract paintings. View visual tour:


Exhibitions & Installations:
"Puzzled" at The Centre,Escondido,CA 2013/2014 One year solo show.
"Femmes", Lausanne, Switzerland - 2013
Richmond , VA Holocaust Museum, Permanent Installation "Those People" 36 original paintings.
Air & Space Museum, Balboa Park - San Diego, Permanent Collection
1000 Artist a Palazzo, Cesano Moderno, Italy (World Museum)
Galerie D' Art International, Solana Beach, CA
Aid's Foundation of Chicago
Heartland Alliance
David Geffen Playhouse