Helga Hegendoerfer

Helga Hegendoerfer


About Helga Hegendoerfer

Born and residing: in Nördlingen, Bavaria, Germany. The subjects of my paintings are linked to realistic and abstract technics. Grown up in a small village, I am inspired by rural scenes and landscapes and journeys abroad enriched my personal experiences towards other cultures and people. Nature, animals, men ,and reception of old masters like Franz v. Lenbach are attractive for me.


Since 1990 workshops and master courses at the Kunstakademie Salzburg and at the Kunstakademie Bad Reichenhall with Professor Markus Lüpertz. Working with Christoph Kern, Berlin Study trips to the USA, Caribbean, Sinai, Seychelles, South of France, Spain, La Gomera Shows mainly in Bavaria (Nrdlingen, Donauwrth, Augsburg) and France (Mayenne),