Irene Niepel

Irene Niepel


About Irene Niepel

1955 born in Cologne (Germany) "Irene Niepel creates powerful new pictures using elements of traditional symbols. Through their combination and the employment of vivid compositional patterns, familiar symbolic motifs assume a new form and communicate a new meaning ..." Dr. Claudio Mller, specialist in aesthetics and art history, Director of the Library of the Academy of Fine Arts Berlin, Catalogue 1995


1978-1984 Academy of Fine Arts,Berlin. 1983: Master degree. 1985:(Fine Arts)Studio grant "Käuzchensteig". 1986:BerlinWorking grant from the Senate of Cultural Issues Berlin 1988-91 Lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts Berlin. 1981-2002: Winner of several competions for "Art on the Building". Lecturer at several institutions. 2011: Wikipedia-Entry. Lives as a freelance artist in Berlin. More on my website:


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