Justin Bailey

Justin Bailey

About Justin Bailey

My name is Justin Bailey and I am an artist who lives in London, UK. I was born in London and have a studio in Mile End. I have a website where you can view my work and learn more about me - ahumanbeing.com . I paint, abstract and figurative. I take photos and I make digital art. My main aim for my art is to achieve some sort of beauty and synchronicity.My inspirations are London life, graffiti, painters like A R Penck, Bazelitz, Haring and many, many others.

Apart from art I am also into music, of all kinds, but especially reggae. I have a youtube channel where I share my records. My youtube name is wikidub. I am now on twitter too.

Thank you for your interest in my work.


little school, big school. university, university of life...


Future Shows: to be determined