Martin Cabrera

Martin Cabrera

MADRID, Madrid, Spain

About Martin Cabrera

Spanish painter, born in Jerez de la Frontera,CADIZ southern Spain.I invite you to read my works so that the paint is able to convey my thoughts, desires, how to feel, in the plastic language of these compositions from everyday adventure. My early works are part of the figurative painting, them go through a stage packed inside the abstraction.Initially used a variety of colours and shapes, moving to simplify the range and possibly compositions influenced by Eastern aesthetics.My interest in keeping the chaos that flows from the mind and materializes in codes organized within the various media with the language of overlapping layers and tones, finally establishing an open dialogue between the part and the public, leaving the very meaning to the personal interpretation of those who enjoy.


Degree of Interior Architect, from the School of Industrial Master,a degree of Interior Designer in the school of applied arts and crafts, various courses at the Crculo of Bellas Artes.,