Marco Raimondo

Marco Raimondo

Milano, Italy

About Marco Raimondo

Self-taught digital artist, born in Genoa in 1961, he lives in Milan and works full-time in computer science.

He inherited his passion for art from his mother who, leveraging on her ceramist background, gave him as a child the rudiments of drawing and colors usage, as well as having involved him in visiting exhibitions and museums in Italy and abroad.

During his classical studies and his degree in electronic engineering he never stopped venting his passion for arts by concentrating on modeling, painting and crafting military lead figures presented in local exhibitions.

In recent years, attracted by the sophisticated drawing tools available on personal computers, he has moved on to experiment with an innovative art form, based on the digital elaboration of sketches drawn manually by pen on paper.

His idea of ​​experimental artistic research starts from the premise of having to go beyond the use of traditional art tools and find a way to fully exploit new technologies while preserving the human factor, which must always be the basis of the realization of the work and must be able to guide the automatisms offered by technology.

In his works there is a continuous experimentation even starting from a very simple basic element which is the sketch, that is the freehand sign, without constraints, immediate, on paper, which is then digitally reworked to highlight its meaning, to express the sensations of the moment in which it was performed.

The result is a digital high-definition series of abstract artworks presented in electronic format or as fine art prints on high-quality paper, available in limited editions and customizable sizes as needed.

His works have been initially presented on the main social networks aimed at creativity and arts.

Here he began to attract the interest of gallerists and curators and was selected for participation in exhibitions or popular initiatives

All the artworks are available as Fine Art prints on high quality inkjet paper in small and wide formats, highly customizable in limited editions.


Self-taugth digital artist

High school specialized in classic studies
Degree in electronic engineerin

Experiences in marketing and communication and much more.



February 2020 - published in "Annuario Internazionale d'Arte Contemporanea Artisti'20" by Artnow-Mondadori
store -

November 2019 - published in Catalog of selected artist - 2nd Edition by Dr. Elena Gollini

June 2019 - presented as Artist of the day in Daylighted

February 2019 - Featured on Elena Gollini Art Blog

Dec 2017 - Selection of my artworks published on Magazzino N.4 - digital magazine by available at

May 2016 - Artwork "Il Dolce Pensare" - Sweet Thinking, featured on Behance-Pantone Canvas Gallery available at


May 2020 - Solo Digital exhibition by Dr. Elena Gollini
20 artwork presented - "Digital Projection"

July-August 2019 - one artwork presented in digital rolling exhibition at :
- Yooma Urban Lodge, Paris France
- 32Open Hotel , San francisco USA
- NESS D-Ocean Resort - La Reunion

July 2019 - Group exhibition at M-A.D.S. Gallery Milano -
2 artworks presented

February 2019 - Group exhibition at ROCCART Gallery Firenze - Italy - "Bianco & Nero" - 3 artworks presented

March 2018 - Personal solo exhibition at SPAZIOKAPPA32 Gallery - Milan Italy - 25 artworks presented