Vladimir Pekov

Vladimir Pekov

Sofia, Bulgaria

About Vladimir Pekov

Love to explore things that we are used to, such as the rules of our society or impressions that we believe, without knowing a bit for it. Using the photography, as a tool witch can manipulate the obvious, I build my own reality.



upcoming exhibition "The Flower Portraits"
22.01-10.02.2014 opening 22.01.2014 19h.
Sofia, Bulgaria, Sofia Philharmony

"Towards the end of the 20th century , entered a recipe for a nice present music.It presents to people memorable melody with simple and repetitive structure. The melodies are easy to remember . The recipe is mastered to perfection by a number of musicians who are fast becoming icons to the generation. They leave a huge impact on the culture development of XX century. "

Guided by such considerations , more than two years ago I started a project that had to visualize the pop icons of the twentieth century in a way that best matches their outer appearance up to date. The basic technique was by abstract associations to show visual connection to their portraits of withered flowers. As final result “The Flower Portraits” became my copyrighted vision about XX century icons of pop and rock music.



2014 solo exhibition in Plovdiv, Bulgaria - cinema “Kosmos” gallery presenting project “Equilibrium”
2013 group exhibition in Plovdiv, Bulgaria – cinema “Kosmos” gallery with “Our Family” concept at “Night of the museums and galleries – Plovdiv 2013
2013 group exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria – “Red House” gallery with “Our Family” concept
2012 project “MOTHER’S TONGUE” solo exhibition at Night of the Museums and Galleries in Plovdiv, Bulgaria
2012 project "Equilibrium" has been presented as part of TEDx conference in Sofia,Bulgaria
2012 project “Equilibrium” solo exhibition in Sofia, Bulgaria – “Red House” gallery
2011 project “The Flower Portraits” presented as “art of the month” at Saatchionline gallery
2011 project “MOTHER’S TONGUE” in Sofia, Bulgaria – “Personal Space” gallery - Sofia, Bulgaria
2011 concept project “COUPLES IN PRIVATE” presented in "Red House" gallery - Sofia, Bulgaria