Milena Neubert

Milena Neubert

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

About Milena Neubert

I am an artist who is genuinely interested in and working in graphics, drawings, and paintings.

Year of birth /place: 1973 Yambol, Bulgaria.


TABULAR PERSONAL RECORD Persnal Data: First name / surname: Milena Petrova Popova, E-Mail:, Website: and, Year of birth / place 1973 / Yambol, BulgariaPost-graduate studies:2004-2005 Postgraduated study at the University of Burg Giebichenstein for Art and Design,Halle/Saale, Germany.Course Painting/Graphic Arts, Specialization Grafic Arts (Prof. Frank Ruddigkeit)1999-2004 Postgraduated study at the University of Burg Giebichenstein for Art and Design,Halle/Saale, Germany.Field Painting/Graphic Arts, Specialization Textile (Prof. Ulrich Reimkasten).Graduate Studies1992-1997 National Academy of Arts N. Pavlovitch, Sofia, Bulgaria.Field Textile (Doz. Balev). Obtained degree Magister of Arts and Painter withPedagogical Certificate.Education course:1987-1992 Professional High School for Applied Arts, Sofia, Bulgaria.Field Artistic handling of clothes and fabric. Obtained qualification degree Painterand Textile Designer.1980-1987 Primary school Ivan Thenev, Yambol, Bulgaria.Jobs:2005-2006 Artist and Graphicdesigner in DIGITAL SYSTEMS GmbH, Leipzig, Germany.1997-1999 Activity in print preparation and as a designer in Publishing and Advertising House Nia,Sofia, Bulgaria.
Membership of Organization:1998 Member of Union of Bulgarian artists affiliated to the international association of artIAA (Unesco).2007 Member of Bund Bildender Knstler Leipzig e.V. (BBKL) affiliated to theBundesverband Bildender Knstlerinnen und Knstler (BBK) in Germany.


Awards and prizes:
2010 Project sponsorship - The catalogue "the flirt" sponsored by the Cultural Office of the City of Leipzig, Germany
2005 Sponsor-award of Graphic of savings bank Nordhausen in 4th. Nordhuser award ofIlseraut-Glock-Grabe-fondation, Germany.

Participation in group exhibitions (selection):
2017 "Fragmented Histories - SOFIA - BERLIN" - cooperative project between the non-profit organization "So Close, So Far" and "the Union of Berlin Artists - Galleriy of the Union of Berlin Artist, Berlin, Germany.
2016 "ARTROOMS2016 - London’s Largest Art Fair for Independent Artists " - Meliá White House,
London, UK
2013 "So Close, So Far - Contemporary Bulgarian Artists, Abroad", II part - National Palace of Culture, Sofia, Bulgarien.
2012 "Drawing 2012" - Swiss Art Space, Lausanne, Switzerland.
2010 “limited edition”- gallery Jordan/Seydoux —
drawings & prints, Berlin, Germany.
2009 “the art of collotype printing” - museum of the printing arts Leipzig, Germany.
2007 art colony Bitola, plenar painting, Bitola, R. Macedonia; Symposium for Lithography in Leipzig, Germany.
2005 Graphic in 1th Merkunst exhibition Junge Kunst (young arts) in drawing room of garden palaces,Merseburg, Germany; Graphic in 5th Liege International Biennal of Entching, Musee dArt moderne et dArtcontemporain de la Ville de Liege, Belgium; Graphic in 4th Nordhuser Ilseraut-Glock-Grabe- fondation inMeyenburg museums Nordhausen, Germany; Graphic in the grand exhibitions of art Halle/Saale, Germany.
2003 Graphic in 3. Nordhuser Ilseraut-Glock-Grabe for Graphic, Meyenburg-Museum-Nordhausen, Germany.
2002 Graphic in the Internationale Senefelder-Foundation Klingspormuseum , Offenbach am Main, Germany.
2000 painting in the university for applied sciences, Harz; Wernigerode, Germany; Exhibition rundgang in theWittekindbad, Halle/Saale, Germany.
1998 National exhibition picture and small plastics in the gallery Schipka 6, Sofia, Bulgaria.
1997 new names in the gallery Schipka 6, Sofia, Bulgaria; National exhibition spring salon in the gallerySchipka 6, Sofia, Bulgaria; Painting at the 13. International Biennale of humor and satire in the arts,Gabrovo, Bulgaria.
1996 Bulgarian motives in the Bulgarian cultural center, Vienna, Austria; International Biennale of painting inthe Gallery Schipka 6, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Personal exhibitions (selection):
2015 "Play of colours - drawing and painting" -
Europa-Haus Leipzig e. V., Leipzig, Germany.
2012 "Renessance of colour" - Bulgarian cultural institute in Berlin, Germany
2004 song of humans body nude drawing in the building of students company Halle/Saale, Germany;Temperament drawing in india ink and painting, in the students company Dessau, Germany.
2005 visions drawing and graphic in the students company Halle/Saale, Germany.,