Olga Kosheleva

Olga Kosheleva

Kyiv, Ukraine

About Olga Kosheleva

Olga Kosheleva was born in 1986 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Since the start of her career in 2011, Kosheleva has been working with oil and acrylic on canvas. In 2015, she began producing sculptures, always using unusual materials, including wheels, baths, bicycles, telephones, and more.

In 2017, Olga received an award for her art from the Biennale del Belvedere di San Leucio in Italy.

A constant for Olga has been her expressive use of the clothes that she wears. Most of her dresses are painted on and decorated with brushes, themselve spieces of art. Once, Olga started to paint the glasses in the sunglasses that she was wearing. “We should look at the world through art,” she said. “This is the power that can change our lives.”

Soon, that pair of sunglasses inspired her to create a collection of over-sized wooden eye-glasses with miniature human figurines and paintings within.

“Vision of the World” is her new project. It concerns society. Every pair of eye-glasses reflects one of our social problems. Each manifests an appeal for immediate action. In her works, Olga unveils the relationship between society and nature, the place of the individual in the world and one’s responsibility for one’s environment.

Her artwork, “Icebreakers,” was awarded the Leonardo da Vinciprizein Florence in January 2018.

The artist’s works are held in private collections in the U.S., France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Ukraine, Russia and elsewhere.


2018 Group exhibition “Art Winter Contemporary”, Modern Art Centre М 17, Kyiv (forthcoming)
2017 Group exhibition “Art Autumn Contemporary”, Modern Art Centre М 17, Kyiv
2017 Biennale del Belvedere di San Leucio, Italy
2017 Group exhibition “Art Summer Contemporary”, Modern Art Centre М 17, Kyiv
2017 Solo exhibition “Art that moves”, Kyiv History Museum, Kyiv
2016 Group exhibition “What If Fest”, Lavra Gallery, Kyiv
2016 Group exhibition “Moving up”, Kyiv city administration , Kyiv
2016 Solo exhibition, gallery D 12, Kyiv
2014 Solo exhibition “Ukrainian galaxy”, Palace of Congress, Bagnoles de l’Orne, France
2014 Art Monaco, Forum Grimaldi, Monaco
2013 Solo exhibition, gallery Lavra, Kyiv
2013 Art Toronto, Toronto
2012 Group exhibition “Ukraine and France: crossroad of cultures”, Ukrainian cultural center, Paris
2012 Autumn Salon 2012, Coubron, France
2012 Group exhibition «Summer’s memories», museum of Ivan Kavaleridze, Kyiv
2012 Solo exhibition “Ukrainian Firework”, Gallery Mytets, Kyiv
2011 Wine Fest Kyiv 2011, Expo Plaza, Kyiv
2011 Group exhibition of painting, Integral Bank, Kyiv
2011 Group exhibition of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Central House of Artists, Kyiv
2011 Solo exhibition «World around me», museum of Ivan Kavaleridze, Kyiv