Eymen Iskenderoglu

Eymen Iskenderoglu

Istanbul, Turkey

About Eymen Iskenderoglu

She was born in Germany in 1981 and living in Istanbul -Turkey.she became an assistant of Painter Melik Iskender in his art gallery (Istanbul)for one year and never think to draw or paint anything during the time,until she met with collage art..Meanwhile,her family tree 'd aboved too many naive (self-taught)and educated artists as well.
Giocometti,Klimt ,Utillo and Jean Arp, Modigliani,Frida Cahlo,Jackson Pollock and lately Sally Trace, Ishida Tetsuya gave her a inspirations for painting.Also,her paintings more became mixing oriantelist, modern arts and junk odds together.


She studied International Relations between 1999-2001.
2006 - 2009 years between the presentation of works in various competitions, also her group exhibitions were;
"The Back Garbage",
" War Within ",
" 100% Mobile",
" Young Artists "
"Core-66 Women's 66 Works of Art",
"Masters and Aprentices",
"On the Shores of Life",and
"Free Fall" was the solo exhibition in 2010..Continues to work as a freelance.