Igor Bajenov

Igor Bajenov

Berlin, Berlin-Zentral, Germany

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........... The group First Class Contemporary Art presented by artist Igor Bajenov (artist name BIG BOY) various painting and photo painting Modern Art: painting / collages / mixed photo painting and so on ... highest level technique / Ideas / Compositions / Colors / Design / Decor made - so to speak, a closed aesthetic circle .....Contemporary Arts
By and for contemporaries
Contemporary art is art, and especially fine arts. Usually international contemporary art is meant. "Contemporary Art of the 19th Century". Contemporary art encompasses all types of art, such as architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, video, performance, conceptual art etc. and is not to be confused with modern art. Other terms of reference for contemporary art include contemporary art or contemporary art.

Our concept to perfect the balancing act between artistic and aesthetic standards has is to find a result, both in the Online Gallery of Modern Photographic Art and the online shop -Authentische art that can be initially also well regarded as pure decoration. Who but the second and third sight is not afraid, will discover that our artistic work much more complex and idiosyncratic is ...What exactly is art? .......

Will you believe the words of Oscar Wilde's art the only serious in the world, while the artist is the one that is never seriously.
Already alone from this quote we see the contradictions that hide in the art. While some people artist still call Luftikusse that never really want to work and not seriously interested are to keep their lives in an orderly fashion, has a category just done for hundreds of years these artists together to always constantly new and old works of art create and to worship. Art itself is subjective in its definition.

Art is what you look at yourself as a work of art. For one, the image of the 3-year-old daughter's art at the highest emotional level, while others refer only senior painters and sculptors as true artists.

The question - What is art? So can not be satisfactorily answered in general. Anyone who deals with the art scene, this must answer for themselves. Art in itself not always is indeed connected only with paintings and sculptures. Also music is art, and here divorce the spirits. While some Beethoven's Ninth is called absolute work of art for the other the latest heavy metal band true art. Surely one speaks in both cases by artists, however, the approach is a completely different.
Art itself is therefore a definition of own taste and the kind of knowledge. Art has an almost infinite repertoire of expressions and forms of representation.

To use the words of Wassily Kandinsky to say "Art is a complex phenomenon" which although can not really interpret and depends on countless emotions, but she enjoys the company repeatedly for hundreds and thousands of years, and certainly many thousands of years.

Everything is true in particular for art you have to be open, no matter what area. Only then detects one wants to achieve the true background of the artist with his work, and only then you will find access to the different styles and learn to interpret the art properly. The art itself is to rely entirely their own impression and to judge works by its own consideration. Although this could contrary to the opinion of the majority might be different. Art is precisely what you can not explain but see themselves and must feel.

How narrow minded fails this judgment or not depends on the individual walks off, secretly but in fact from the point of view of each individual. So what art is, ultimately, can indeed be looked up in any dictionary, but are actually never really defined.... Artist Igor Bajenov..... a Perfectionist !


Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, Russia
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Saatchi Art, US & Worldwide (Europe, Asia, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Latin America).....German Artist (one of the few German artists, all which is Germany International Presented in Contemporary photographic Art and Modern Art) ..... I come from a very Famous ... Read More Russian family of artists with world-renowned reputation and have always been providing best artists had to do ..... Biography
Popular independent artists with collectors worldwide. Currently living in Berlin since 2002. Creating a variety of affordable artwork from abstract art to figurative art - Modern / Mixed Technic / Photography / Photo painting / Collage and direct from the artists studio. "Each experience is an inspiration to create something unique." Qualified professional artist with a masters equivalent in St Petersburg in both art and design. I'm so humble for all the support. "Thank you." Commissions welcome, made to order custom paintings, size, color and style specific to the customer's requirements. Limited Edition prints therefore can be made to order size specific to the customers requirements.


Igor Bajenov is an experienced artist from Germany whose work has been featured in exhibitions internationally. Working across mediums, Bajenov creates geometric abstract works that are visually busy and full of rhythm. Through the use of unexpected forms and textures, his work is characterized by endless experimentation that is not fixed to one abstract genre......We enable people with little time and interest a contemporary art a quick overview of the art market non- Only in Germany / Austria and Switzerland , But Worldwide Market in Europe art , America, Asia , Russia, Saudi Arabia and so on. We Offer YOU A straightforward art experience ....Solo exhibitions
Today we was visit ART Vienna - International Art Fair in Hofburg, Vienna / Art Fair in Hofburg, Vienna - Vienna, Austria
... Le luxe au mur - Show # 2019... / Moscow Art Park - Moscow, Russia
...World art market #2018-Original.... / Privat bank - Trinkow - Investment sale - Moscow, Russia
Абстрактное искусство # 2017-Оригинал.... / Moscow Alfa Bank -Investment Bank - Moscow, Russia
...The group First Class ... / Luxury Life -Exclusive messe Moscow -Salon de Luxus - Moscow, Russia
ART DUBAI 2014 - A Reaffirmation of Quality in Art / Messe Palast - Dubai, Saudi Arabia
LUXURYplease2011 / Palast Galerie - Moscow, Russia
Die Luxusausstellung "LUXURY, please" in der Wiener Hofburg / Wiener Hofburg - Wien, Austria
Lust auf Luxus 2009 - Die Luxusmesse / ZENDER EXCLUSIV - Mülheim-Kärlich, Germany
LUXURY, please. Luxury Exhibition Vienna / Vienna Imperial Palace - Vienne, Austria
....Gallery for High Society!- Invest in Art artist Igor Bajenov - Show presentation #2019... / Russia Moscow - Moscow, Russia
Company by Russ & Luxury - Russia Moscow, Russia

Permanent collections
Habitare 2019, Finland
iSaloni 2019, Italy
The Global Fine Art, Russia
Biennale Interieur 2018., Belgium


.......For over 14 years I am present on the international art market and have over 43 Exibitions on my account, so as to this I am seen and admired worldwide!