Skadi Engeln

Skadi Engeln

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

About Skadi Engeln

I do not try to disclose what is hidden. The secret should be preserved, just like beauty, which perhaps lies especially within the denseness, and encryption, within the mystery.

Landscape dissolves into light, water, weather and through people. Thanks to its gravity it recomposes time and time again. In its transitions landscape reveals its essence, its transcendence and its beauty. Like landscape, painting knows how to dissolve what is specific, solid, visible and familiar to us. Thus it traces the invisible without ever recognizing it completely.

Landscape as a synonym for the world reflects underlying realities and truths, encrypts them, makes them show through and discloses them only as approximations. The horizon as the central focus of my artistic works separates and connects what is above and what is underneath, what is obvious and what is hidden. When landscape filters what is underneath, the observer’s view is influenced, shaped, blocked. It is not my aim to decode what is above or underneath. The secret should be kept – and the beauty which perhaps lies in the encrypted, in the mysterious.

Since 2001 I have been especially interested in abstract landscape painting. In my current work landscapes appear as if hidden by a curtain or a veil, disturbed, interwoven with lines or stripes. They create a distance between landscape and observer. They could be landscapes as seen from a train, with mirror images in the windows – scratched, and with masts and transmitters rhythmically interrupting the view. They could be like curtains that separate and protect from the world or like technical defects of electronic screens that present landscape scenes. They could be music, thoughts, conversations that a walker is occupied with and become interwoven in his perception and memory of the landscape he/she is walking through.

The serial separation of one motive onto several canvasses alludes to photo sequences that document a journey. It is about the human, observing view and how it is processed, and it is about the interdependence between landscape and observer. Hence it is also about the influence of the observer, of humans on landscapes.

In the spring of 2011 I started to “disturb” my paintings. Just as the accident at the Fukushima nuclear plant happened, my artistic perspective changed. The lines and stripes I put above and below my pictures and interwove with my motives at first made me think of a radioactively contaminated landscapes. The beauty of the landscapes that inspire my paintings - the Berry in France, the Uckermark in eastern Germany, the sea and others – has not suffered. But in my paintings they have since been inscribed with a rhythm and a conflict. Man has integrated himself into my landscapes vertically, as an observer and as an agent.

Since 2016, I include man in my work and artistically examine a possible synthesis of landscape and figure, of the world and human beings. The land now has a soul, and the meaning of landscape has been redesignated: Now it is not only a synonym of the world, an object of observation and intervention by human beings: In my work, landscape now turns into an actual backdrop for human life and work.


87/88 student of Hermann Baldenbach, Essen painter
90-95 Studies at the FH Ottersberg
Sculpture with Robert van de Laar
Painting with Michael Kohr and Hermanus Westendorp


Solo- Expositions (choice)
2018 « Landschaft und Figur », MCZ Templin; "...Landschaften", Galerie Flierl, Berlin (Mai),
2016 " eingekleidete Akte und neue Landschaften", Galerie Serigraffeur, Berlin; « durchwebte Landschaft », Zionskirche, Berlin
2015 « gravures sur bois - Skadi Engeln », Le Paradis – Chateaumeillant, Atelier Marc-Michel Gabali, Les Archers – Le Chatelet ; « durchwebte Landschaft », Magistrale der Parkklinik-Weißensee
2014 « Berlin-Berry », rencontres des arts, Mers sur Indre, Frankreich; « Blick auf die Landschaft », Blaue Stunde Galerie, Berlin
2013 Skadi Engeln – Walter Karberg, Atelier Ina Klopfer, Wagenitz-Haveland ; « les paysages polychromes de skadi engeln « première fête de l'estampe, Paris
2012 « Störbilder », Ausstellungsraum. Steinerhaus, Hamburg, Galerie Blaues Atelier, Graz, Österreich
2011 Marien Hospital Euskirchen
2010 „Lichten“ Galerie Frehnhofer, Berlin; „paysages“ Mairie St. Jeanvrin; Platinion, München ; « meereslandschaften » Galerie GAD, Berlin ; « nur meer », Galerie Kunstschwimmer, Berlin
2008 Galerie Sondermann, Essen, Galerie O.C Goossenaerts, Bad Honnef
2007 Bundesärztekammer Berlin, Siemens AG, Dortmund
2005 Thyssenkrupp, Krefeld
2002 borgwardt design, Berlin

Group- Expositions (choice)
2018 Zeichnungen und Druckgrafik - Eine bildhafte Reise vom 20. in das 21. Jahrhundert, Galerie am Gendarmenmarkt,Berlin (Februar), 4. -6. Kunstsalon am Weißen See „Himmel und Erde“ , Galerie Z22 "Heimat"
2017 Galerie Maerz Contemporary, Molde, Kunstsalon am Weißensee: "Land und Ornament", "Licht, Grün und Mensch - Landschaft und Figur", "Druckgrafik und Malerei"; " Landschaft und Gesicht - paysage et visage", Sepp Mayers 2Raumwohnung, Berlin; "Landeinwärts", Galerie Brötzinger Artt,Pforzheim, Galerie Kunstwerk Fellbach
2016 « Frauenzimmer », reinraum / Galerie Ephemer Berlin-Wuppertal, Düsseldorf; « Menagerie », Toolbox Berlin ; « KUNSTWERK WERKKUNST « , Schloß Reinbek, Reinbek
2014 « Horizonte », Kommunale Galerie im historischen Keller, Berlin-Spandau,
2013 « looking through landscapes », Prima Center Berlin, « estampe narrative », Galerie des AAB, Paris
2012 Berlin-Belleville, galerie des AAB, Paris ; Zwonulldreizehn, Galerie Wetterney, Berlin ; « Logartrythme »,Mers sur Indre; Atelier Carlos Lopez, Paris ;«Der Raum – drei Positionen» Galerie Mai, Düsseldorf
2011 Rencontres des Arts, «Murmure», Mers-sur-Indre, France; «geteilte Räume», Zionskirche Berlin
2010 Galerie Mai, Düsseldorf, HF Contemporary Art Berlin/London, Berlin; Gallery Exchange - Frenhofer and Eigenheim, Weimar
2009 „Wunderblumen“, Frenhofer, Berlin; „Im Namen der Farbe“, Galerie Konvex, Berlin
2007 Kunst/Gärten, Bad Freienwalde; Historische Gewölbegalerie, Berlin Spandau
2005 “objekts of comfort”, Across the bridge + Werketage, Berlin; „What´s cooking?“, Across the bridge + Werketage, Galerie Galou, N.Y. – Brooklyn; Thyssenkrupp, Krefeld
2004 „Köpfe und Portraits“, Galerie Nering + Stern, Berlin;„da rüber, hinaus..., Bilder über den Tod“, Galerie Ephemer, Berlin; Formart, Glinde,
2000 "Fliegen", forum für junge kunst berlin
1997 Autorengalerie, München, Kulturforum Essen

2018 ARTe Sindelfingen
2015/16 /17/18 Berlin Graphic Days, Köln und Hamburg, Leipzig, Graphic Days
2014 Berliner Liste, Berlin
2013 Journée de l'estampe contemporaine, Place Saint-Sulpice à Paris.
2010 Berliner Liste, Berlin, Galerie Frenhofer
2009 Kunstsalon, Berlin, Galerie Frenhofer


2009 Skadi Engeln
2009 Galerie Frenhofer
2010 nur meer Skadi Engeln
2010 100 Mal Kunst in Pankow
2011 Störbilder Wege Skadi Engeln
2013 Licht werden
2013 International Contemporary Artists Vol VII
2014 Skadi Engeln durchwebte Landschaften