Todd Williamson

Todd Williamson

West Hollywood, CA, United States

About Todd Williamson

Todd is a highly-collectible abstract artist who is the current Pollock Prize for Creativity winner with the Pollock Krasner Foundation. His exhibition, Processional, was 1 of 20 official exhibitions at the 2019 Venice Biennale! Todd currently has an exhibition at the MAC Museum in Germany which will run through Sept 2020 & a number of other museum shows.


Belmont University Nashville TN BA '88
Cal State LA,


April 2, NEW YORK
Georges Berges Gallery 462 w Broadway NY. *postponed


Processional, (Venice Biennale)
*official exhibition sponsored by the Pollock Krasner and the MAK Center for Art & Architecture May-Nov 2019

"California Dreamin' an uncertain paradise Oct 2019- Sept 2020

"Frequency of Color" @ Nicole Longnecker Gallery Houston
December/January 2018-2019

"66 Master Works 66 Artists" works by Master printmaker HP Haas Stuttgart Germany November 2018
*artists include Lichenstein, Richard Prince, Hans Mack, Kandinsky, Hermann Lederlee, etc.

"The Circle of Truth" @ the NEW Museum Los Gatos (CA)
October-March 2018-2019
*artists include Ed Rusche, Lita Albuquerque, Andy Moses, etc.

"Slow Burn" private exhibition at
SOHO House West Hollywood
December/January 2019

"Re-Creazioni" Prato Italy
Curated by Marco di Mauro w/ Centro Pecci
June 2, 2017

"Salon: Art Architecture"
3rd Street, Cur. by Robert Galstian
November 2016 -February 2017

"The Disillusionment of Truth"
Artemerge Online Gallery
October 9- November 9

"The Darker the Blue.."
Nicole Longnecker Gallery Houston
April 9-May 15 2016

Museo Pio della Monte Misericordia- Naples Italy *received into permanent collection.

"Polifonia di un paesaggio"
Naples Italy Nov 2015
Solo exhibition & musical experience
Collaboration w/ Prof Greg Walter, UNC, School of the Arts.
Ivy Brown Gallery, NY NY Oct 2015
"Sounds of Light"
Premium Modern Art, Heilbronn Germany Nov 2015

"ARTPRIZE 2016" Grand Rapids MI Palatte Art & Coffee
"Hate & Violence: the Artists Perspective" West Hollywood Nov 6, 2016

*October 13, 2015: "RESTLESS EDGE"
Ivy Brown Gallery, NY NY
*November 24, 2015: " Polifonia di un paesaggio"
Villa di Donato, Naples Italy
Solo exhibition & musical experience w/ original music by Prof Greg Walter, Un.of NC, School of the Performing Arts.
*November 13, 2015: "Sounds of Light"
Premium Modern Art, Heilbronn Germany
*November 21 -January 23, 2016: "
Curators Voice Art Projects, Miami FL

Curators Voice Art Projects, Miami FL
*Pio della Monte Misericordia- Naples Italy Solo
*Todd Williamson & Laddie John Dill @ Kevin Barry Fine Art Bergamot Station Santa Monica CA Oct/Nov 2014
"Italian Soul" (Guest Artist)@ Art Hub Abu Dhabi March 21, 2015
*Rymer Gallery Nashville Tn March 2015