luo yung

luo yung

Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China

About luo yung

Luo Yung, formerly known as Yang Wanlin, was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, and graduated from the oil painting department of the Academy of fine arts of Nanjing Academy of Arts. At present, she is a professional painter and an independent musician, also a member of Erdo Liu band. In 2016, she began to release her music works, trying to present her own inner experience with symbolic words, natural flowing melody and poetic painting. Works usually contain some philosophical thinking.


Graduated from Nanjing Arts Academy in 2012.


Luo Yung spent his childhood in the disappearing old streets of Nanjing. In the city life, Luo Yung lived her childhood. In her later musical works , the lyrics: "The winter moon hangs quietly in the treetops. If you don't look at it, it will disappear. Our time is submerged in the water. If you don't pick it up, it will fall asleep." She expressed her regret that her childhood was gone forever. Perhaps because of the long-term discord between her parents, Luo Yung was sullen and surly in his adolescence. She doesn't like the new apartment where a group of people are stacked together, and she doesn't like not having a word to say at home. So, she closed herself up and devoted herself to the study of painting. After learning painting, Luo Yung looked even more strange among his classmates. At that time, few students went to school with their Sketchpad on their back. The math teacher was very sad because Luo Yung could be a good scientist. Later, Luo Yung was admitted to Nanjing University of the Arts with excellent professional results. She participated in many exhibitions and won prizes in the university. After graduating from the Academy of fine arts, forced to make a living, she learned software for design and went to Hangzhou to do decoration design for two years. Later, because she was not used to the strong rhythm and interpersonal relationship of the company, she resigned and returned to Nanjing and rented a small studio to start painting again. Just then she met Erdo Liu. Erdo had just finished his psychology study in Italy and began to write music back home. They hit it off, and Luo Yung drew the cover and song illustrations for his first album. After working together for some time, Luo Yung even began to try to match harmony and percussion for Erdo. After a semester of Guzheng in junior high school, she had some music foundation, which made her master quickly in the later study of accordion, horse head instrument and Whistle Flute. In 2015, she formally joined Erdo Liu band as a musician, and began to release her own music works in 2016. She tried to present her own inner experience with symbolic words, natural flowing melody and poetic painting. Her works usually contain some philosophical thinking.


In 2020, invited to participate in Jiangsu Radio and television litchi reading club, Dragon Boat Festival poetry meeting (performance guest); Nanjing
In 2019, invited to participate in the “Tide Plan”folk song show of Ola art space; Nanjing
In 2019, invited to participate in the "Shouting, New Youth" music scene (Nanjing 61livehouse)
In 2017, invited to attend Nanjing Zhongshan Holiday Concert; Nanjing
In 2017, "Upstream, Downstream" national tour (20 cities in total)
In 2017, invited to participate in the performance and sharing activities of "midnight Ballads" in LIBRAIRIE AVANT-GARDE
In 2016, invited to participate in Zhangjiagang Jinshazhou Music Festival; Zhangjiagang
In 2016, invited to participate in k-mall Shanghai Christmas ballad night; Shanghai
In 2016, invited to participate in Jiangsu literature and art radio "100 cities linkage Mother's Day poetry recitation"; Nanjing
In 2016, invited to attend the "Spring invitation, all things agree" literature recitation meeting (performance guest); Nanjing

In 2016, the work "Murder ballad" was invited to participate in the first cult culture and art exhibition of "Fan shang fa zhou" (the album and original pictures of album illustrations were exhibited); Shanghai
In 2015, "Murder ballad" tour in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai (12 cities in total)
In 2015, "Scumbag and True love" tour in four cities in spring (Nanjing, Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Beijing)
In 2015, the band participated in the Nomination Exhibition of Asian young artists (album, album illustration, original painting, live performance of the band); Nanjing
In 2015, the premiere of the album "Murder ballad" (from the perspective of Confucius Temple in Nanjing); Nanjing
In 2015, love -Luo Yung's personal micro painting exhibition; AI Shang Tiandi; Nanjing
In 2015, the audio and painting album “Erdo Liu” was released (Nanjing LIBRAIRIE AVANT-GARDE)
In 2014, her works were selected into "Painting Exhibition"; AMNUA Museum; Nanjing
In 2014, her works were selected in China's first derivative works exhibition; West Lake Yintai gallery and show space; Hangzhou
In 2013, his works were selected into the online exhibitions "art from China" and "best in show" at Sage Gallery, UK, and the works were collected by British buyers
"Artists also want to have summer vacation" contemporary youth art exhibition, Nanjing, 2012
In 2012, International Young Artists joint exhibition; France, Switzerland, Xi'an, China
In 2012, "one person's exhibition - LuoYung’s individual painting exhibition" Nanjing Art Institute
In 2012, national PM2.5 theme painting visual art tour exhibition; Shanghai, Beijing, etc
In 2012, the 8th Jiangsu provincial art exhibition; Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum; Nanjing
In 2012 "no thinking art" contemporary youth art exhibition; Nanjing
In 2011 "Dialogue: Nanjing contemporary art exhibition", Nanjing
In 2011, he planned "love tossing - new sharp painting exhibition", Nanjing;
In 2011, he planned "all the way to the sun - Nanjing Youth Artists Group Exhibition", Shanghai;
In 2011 planning of "slave's release" behavior art, Nanjing
In 2010, the 7th Jiangsu small oil painting exhibition, excellent award; Jiangsu Art Museum
In 2010 new works exhibition of Jiangsu Province; Jiangsu Art Museum