Zoe Lunar

Zoe Lunar

Mexico City, Mexico

About Zoe Lunar

Zoe Lunar, live and work in Mexico City. To formed a part of diverse collective exhibitions in the Mexico City and also in Macerata's city, Italy. Does her, your work feed on the reality or unreality, by means of oneiric reconstructions of spaces that with, uyen in moments stolen and extracted from his own daily life, in the appearance of a reality reflecting across the oldness and the decomposition of the urban landscape.


National School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving "LA ESMERALDA" Mexico

Accademia di Belle Arti di Macerata. Italia


-Collective exhibition "Esto no es el fin del mundo" at the
cultural center PANTEÓN, Mexico City, 2020.
- XL National Youth Art Meeting 2020, Aguascalientes
- Exhibition at the fifth national drawing and illustration competition "Rodin" 2019 at the Soumaya museum
- Arte Lumen 3rd edition Biennial of Painting, Drawing and Graphics. Mexico City 2018
- XXXVIII National Meeting of Young Art. Aguascalientes 2018 Mexico
- Collective exhibition, "Spazio Mirionima" Macerata, Italy 2017
- Exhibition, Trolebus Station, Mexico City 2011
- Collective exhibition, Seminar of Mexican Culture, Mexico City 2011.
- Collective exhibition, Unidad de Vinculación Artística, Mexico City 2011 & 2010.
- Collective exhibition, Faro de Oriente, Mexico City 2010.
- Collective exhibition, Cultural center Santiago Tepalcatlalpan, Mexico City 2010.
- Collective exhibition, Mexican Institute of Youth, Mexico City 2010.