Aaliyah Navras

Aaliyah Navras

Cracow, Poland

About Aaliyah Navras

I am strongly inspired by the emotional evolution of a modern man and, what naturally follows, by the mythologies, by tribal secret forests, mighty winds and shamanic rituals. I brought to life very romantic vision of an ancient man and I thrive in awe for a past generations. Its boldness, resourcefulness but above all coexistance with nature and preservation of traditions.
My observations and inspirations came from depth psyhology, our primal instincts and primitivity hidden under masks and layers imposted by social demands. My compositions often feature natural subjects, hybrids, anthropomorphisms along with constantly repeating mask motive. Unique technique of mixing bold colours and countless number of layers steer in the direction of obscure spheres of psyche and reality.
It is my personal way of understanding the world and our place in it. World I am creating within my art might be cruel but it is not unjust. Through my paintings I show that chaos is very natural part of the harmony and the progress.


Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, Poland
Department of Graphic Arts


• Special Award in 11th Arte Laguna Prize, Venice, Italy, 2017
• NCG Cooperation Award, Nantes, France, 2016

Selected solo shows:

Deframestration, Polikultura Festival, Studio Lumia, Cracow (performance)
Commissioned mural for Art and Culture Centre, Godziszow, Poland
Deframestration, Theather Variete, Cracow, Poland (performance)
Collectors, Espacio Trapezio, Madrid, Spain
Dreams and Magic vol.2, Theather Klepisko, Kazimierz Dolny, Poland
Time and Numbers, Make a Point Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
Dreams and Magic, Quentin, Cracow, Poland

Selected group shows:

Arte Laguna Prize exhibition, Arsenale Venice, Italy
Europe under the Castle, Festival, Slovakia
Desa, Cracow, Poland
New Art Gallery, Palace under the Rams, Cracow, Poland
Adios, Atelier Solar, Madrid, Spain
Encuentro de Artistas, Intercambiador ACATR, Madrid, Spain
Anual Folklore Festival, Zdzilowice, Poland
Młoda Sztuka na Starym Mieście, New Art Gallery, Cracow, Poland
Rynek Sztuki Młodych, Nowohuckie Centrum Kultury, Cracow, Poland
Movie Poster exhibition, Short Waves Festival, Poznan, Poland
Department of Graphic Arts, group exhibition, ASP, Cracow, Poland

Art Residencies:

(upcoming)Tao Hua Tan: 1st International Artist Retreat and Residency, China
(upcoming), Gois, Portugal
Intercambiador ACATR, Madrid, Spain
The Can (Collective Art Neighbourhood), Bucharest, Romania

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