Simona Palatinus

Simona Palatinus

Bratislava, Bratislava, Slovakia

About Simona Palatinus

Simona Palatinus (Slovakia)– Nucleus

Likewise the distant landscapes of Latin America, the work of young artist Simona Palatinus points to the "distant" nucleus - a nook that is hidden somewhere in the bowels of stale objects or symbols, the structures of natural matrix. At the same time, she offers the shadowy side of the shining Panama, which has become her new hometown.

In her painting and graphic work she captures the details of personal history. "Relic, stales, perhaps only ether and some dry nonliving...“ Her work evokes the melancholy and dreaming that our mind tries to divert from everyday rationality. Subjectively oriented artwork and its abstractional themes are the personal research of the author, but also a weird game which combines nostalgy with faded memories and the irreversibility of a real moment. It's also a state ,,before sadness but it's not dreaming, or anxiety ..."

Palatinus's creation has an autobiographical undertone, visual contents are making various unplanned outlined stills, parts of larger imagined elements that refer to her photographic background. The depth of sharpness is a subjective look somewhere behind the scene and the result is a considerably ungraspable feeling of feeling that is after all fleeting. The present of absence is a powerful motive with which the author handles ably and is (not)presented in almost every of her exposed work. Personal poetic is a harmonizing moment but also a unifying element. The viewer finds himself in a world that he should perceive with another sensitivity, his threshold of perception expects a kind of deflection from the ordinary session. A world that isn´t even on the second view simple, because the essence of its existence has the opposite meaning as the one that it directly evokes . It's only up to the viewer to see if he crosses his gaze to it feel it with the authors gaze.

curator: Richard Kitta


Department of Media and Digital Media at the Faculty of Fine arts, Academy of Art in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia (2010-2013).
I went to Panama in 2014.


2011 Gallery Fx in Academy of Arts, Banska Bystrica
2012 Gallery Fx in Academy of Arts, Banska Bystrica
2012 Walking Gallery in Banska Bystrica
2017 Solo exhibition, El Doral, Panama
2017 Imago Mundi project, Italy
2017 Solo exhibition Nucleo, Kotolna gallery,
Kosice, Slovakia
2018 Solo exhibition Nucleo, Alianza Francesa,
2018 Parallax Art Fair, Manchester, UK
2019 Solo exhibition Nucleo, The Andy Warhol
Museum of Modern Art, Slovakia