Rosaria Lumbaca Crane

Rosaria Lumbaca Crane

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

About Rosaria Lumbaca Crane

I am an artist and healing therapist. I work in different mediums, but my favorite is sculpture. As I work intuitively sometimes, I sometimes title and understand what the work is about, what is being conveyed through the language of art.


Diploma of Visual Arts from Victoria University.


My artwork is held in the public collection of Victoria University and private collections throughout Australia. I was a finalist in the Intrepid Art Prize for Digital Photography in 2011,


Victoria University Graduation Exhibition - 2009 VU City Campus.
Solo Exhibition - 2010 Gallery 314
Photographic Exhibition - 2011 Carbon Black
Solo Exhibition Allowing the Process - 2012 Tacit Gallery
Group Sculpture Exhibition - 2013 Victorian Artist Society
Solo Exhibition - 2014 Malvern Artist Society
Group Sculpture Exhibition - 2015 Victorian Artist Society
Solo Exhibition Primordial Wave - 2016 Angela Robarts Bird Gallery
Victoria University - Selected Works - 2017