Jieun Kim

Jieun Kim

Seoul, Asia, South Korea

About Jieun Kim

"Creating artworks sustains my humble life as it goes through the pain of the five senses clashing daily, and it itself is the communication both directly and indirectly with other individuals. It is the "training process of finding clues to the irony and hope of life" from experiencing both deficiency and healing through relationships. I find words hidden deep in my mind by working on paintings, and shaping my inner being into forms is fascinating to me; This process is similar to how we begin and build relationships with others or oneself in life."


Artist Jieun Kim was born in Seoul and majored in Oriental painting at Hongik University's College of Fine Arts and Graduate School in Seoul.


Kim has participated in nine solo exhibitions and dozens of group exhibitions in Korea and other countries. She has also been invited to 12 international art fairs, including Art Busan and Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong. Kim has worked as an associate professor of Fashion and Entertainment Design in the department of Space Design at Busan Institute of Science and Technology from 2000 to 2016, and a career research advisor at Korea Institute of Development from 2013 to 2014. Her artworks are housed in Northern Busan Police Station, Busan Arpina Youth Hostel, Busan Haedong Hospital and many other locations. Kim is currently active as a full-time artist.