Shumaila Islam

Shumaila Islam

lahore, South Asia, Pakistan

About Shumaila Islam

My inspirational stimulation originates from nature and this supports me to present all kinds of observations and feelings. I chose representational imagery, recalling all the experiences that are in my subconscious, experimenting with linear elements for amalgamation as metaphysical existence, which I overlay and deploy; in order to create a physical constructions with abundant lyricism. Segments of nature are revolved into emotional catharsis, occurring in different disciplines, as a vital need to express thoughts, through a constant methodological and flexible investigation. I try to create images provided with a personal sensibility. They show assured sensations of movement and change that alters according to the position and distance they could be observed at.
I am producing contemporary miniature pieces on Vasli (hand made paper) using gauche, ink and pointers and applying 3D metal articles on these pieces.

Education (Studio Practice)
MA Fine Arts (Practice and History)
B-Ed. (Education)

Calligraphy & Illumination course


3 Months Artist Practice Program
Seminars on Art and Aesthetics
Seminar on Research Methodology & Research Paper Publications

Horticulture and landscaping workshop
Teachers Training Workshop


Group Shows
Participated in more than 20 group shows being reputed national art organizations and international level from 1999 till date