Tokyo, Japan


Kayano who was born in 1971 and grew up in Kanagawa Prefecture.
While feeling the love of art passed down passed down by her grandfather, she painted with her father from the time she was a child.
She wished to follow the road of design because of painting ambience, not proceed to the graphic design.
She learned textile design in Kuwasawa: Dress Design School and after graduating the school Kayano worked for a textile company for twenty years as and tie designer. While she worked in company, she continued to exhibit her artwork. In 2015, Kayano held her 10th exhibition. Now Kayano is working as . In the style of her current see the influence of textile design.
Her artworks’ style at exhibitions and show her changing. It has turned into a multi-colored world from black and white world.
The first exhibition was mainly hand-painted pictures. Her current style is scanning the ones drawn in pastel and acrylic gouache, and doing a digital fusion finish in Photoshop. It has become a kind of style in the textile designing. Early day production was a means for expressing her inner self, gradually her works started providing warm feelings to the people around it. Presently Kayano thinks that she has met a good partner for life and it has had an impact on art work.
Kayano will continue to create the artwork that give people warm happy feelings.


2016 JcatShowcase6 N.Y.OuchiGallery(Newyork)
JcatShowcase44 N.Y.OuchiGallery(Newyork)

2017 「NewYearSelection2017」GalleryArtPoint(Tokyo)
「Home」N.Y. OuchiGallery(Newyork)
「HappyDreamProduceByArtPoint」 GalleryArtPointBis(Tokyo)

2018 JcatShowCase「Japanism」OneArtSpaceGallery(Newyork)    
JcatShowCase「We」    PleiadesGallery(Newyork)

2019 PrivateExhibition「DuzzlingDays」TobarierGallery(Tokyo)
Affoedable art fair amsterdam 2019 (Holland)