Victor Guzman

Victor Guzman

Oslo, Norway

About Victor Guzman

Victor Guzman (b. 1987, Valparaiso, Chile) has an artistic practice that is mainly autobiographical and narrative. He explore ideas that shapes in many different mediums like installations, paintings, drawings and videos.

In the process he use digital measures to explore events and memories. Victor often search in a topic related to how the digital reality affects the human memory and time perception.

Victor is interested in the confrontations of cultures. Especially when the Chilean culture confronts the Norwegian culture. The collision of cultures are often his motivation of creation, but in his latest projects he have noticed that the cultures he explore with have rather started to merge than collide.


2017-2019 MFA. Bergen Art Academy, University of Bergen (Prof. Thomas Kilpper)
2016 Exchange, Iceland Academy of the Arts (Prof. Erling Klingenberg)
2014-2017 BFA. Bergen Art Academy, University of Bergen (Ass. Prof. Sveinung R. Unneland)
2012-2014 Strykejernet Art School, Oslo, Norway
2008-2010 NISS, Fine Art Department, Oslo, Norway



2016 Endless source of entertainment, Galleri Snerk, Tromsø, Norway
2016 Hold reset while you turn power off, Galleri Fisk, Bergen, Norway
2016 Courage, don't leave me, Ekkisens Art Space, Reykjavik, Iceland
2013 Collision Avoidance, Galleri Brenneriet, Oslo, Norway


2019 With eyes closed, call me, MFA Graduation Show, Bergen Kunsthall, Norway
2018 Group Hug #1, Low Standards, Oslo, Norway
2018 Koltuor, KF-huset, Klöse, Sweden
2018 Why not all of them?, MA1-show, Strømgaten, Bergen, Norway
2018 Valle Central Valley Pilot, Bergen Kjøtt, Bergen, Norway
2018 Prøverommet, Tag Team Studio, Bergen, Norway
2017 New Contemporary Art Museum, BFA Graduation Show, Bergen, Norway
2016 Sommerøya festival, Oslo, Norway
2016 Archipelago, Gallery Port, Reykjavik, Iceland
2016 Land[e]scape, KUBBURINN, Reykjavik, Iceland
2016 Three iterations, Rom 8, Bergen, Norway
2015 Poems of allitiration, Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek, Bergen, Norway
2014 SENSATIONSENSATION, Galleri bokboden, Bergen, Norway
2014 Purple, Bergen Internasjonale kultursenter, Bergen, Norway
2014 Senebetennelse, Galleri Brenneriet, Oslo, Norway
2013 Prop of Society, Galleri Brenneriet, Oslo, Norway
2010 13, Galleri Jessheim, Akershus, Norway
2010 Black Swan, Nordisk Institutt for scene og studio, Oslo, Norway