Nadiia Rom

Nadiia Rom

Kiev, Ukraine

About Nadiia Rom

To be an artist is almost forgotten dream from childhood.
I'm qualified as Architect, for ten years I have been working in interior design
In 1993 graduated from Art School, but my career as Artist has begun in 2016. It was a year of transformation for me and Art helped me to overcome this period.
I am very glad that I have ability to fulfill my dream and become a real Artist. I want to grow as artist in future, to expand my skills. Canvas and paints are my way to speak with outside world. I admire beauty of our World. It is important for me to look, touch, feel, to see hidden things that around us

Art is a dialog for me. When my feelings become tight inside, I let them out on canvas. Artist is orator, who use color and shape instead of words. My art is about how I feel this world, how I see it, about everything that happens inside and outside me and perception of it at all. That's my dialog with canvas and through it with everybody who see it.
There is nothing more scary for me than ugliness of soul, like black, burned out desert, without plants or even drop of rain, this soul can't love, tender , being happy or quiet sorrow, we don' t find there even hate or anger, just emptiness. That's how I see absolute hell. And I rise against it with all my soul
If I am scared - I cry, if trembling - I pray, if I am in love - I thanks God for this feeling. I live until I feel
My Art is about it. About me. About world, how I see it, about people and how I feel them.
About confusion, anxiety, delight, joy, pride, tenderness, love
Art is like a prayer for me. And when you hear how God answers to you, you can make incredible things


 1989-93 years - art school in Poltava, Ukraine
 1998-2004 years - Poltava National University named after Yuri Kondratyuk. Architecture faculty. Specialty "Design of Architectural Environment", Ukraine


Ukrainian Art Week (Kiev, Ukraine, 2016)
Ankara Art fair (Ankara, Turkey, 2017)
Disquiet – the first solo exhibition (Kiev, Ukraine, 2017)
Woman’s Essence (Madrid, Spain, 2018)
Rolling in the deep - the second solo exhibition (Kiev, Ukraine, 2018)