Angel Angelov

Angel Angelov

Varna, Varna, Bulgaria

About Angel Angelov

Angel Yordanov Angelov-Esper
I was born in 1951 in the town of Provadiya.
Due to my increased interest in the History subject, most of my work covers topics such as: Trojan War, Odysseus, Greek Mythology, and Thracians. Some of my sculptures and paintings are owned by “Universum” Gallery, “House of the Officers of the reserve”, Community center “Hristo Botev”, City art Gallery Balchik, “Navilart”, House of the “Humor and Satire”, collectors and individuals in the United States, Russia and Switzerland.


I graduated from High School in Varna and Military Aviation School ”Georgi Benkovski”- Dolna Mitropolia. During my service in the Navy I was flight engineer in the naval aviation. The passion for sculpture and painting dates long time ago. In 1971 I applied at the Academy of Arts “Nikolay Pavlovich”- Sofia for the major “Sculpture”. But the love for the aviation was the stronger magnet.
In 1974 I graduated from a 3 month course in sculpture lead by the famous sculptor from Varna- Hristo Boev. Within the 21 years of service in the Navy I have participated in total of 5 exhibitions. In 1981 I was awarded a diploma by the District Committee of Culture. After my retirement from the Navy, I continued creating small sculptures but changed the material and switched from wood to bronze and stone. I am a member of the “Association of Varna Artists” and the Arts club of the “Retired officers”.



For my whole creative period I have participated in total of 26 joint exhibitions and 14 solo exhibitions. Including:

December 2009 – Sofia “Shipka 6” exhibition, section sculpture with the composition “Trojan horse”;
Fifth biennale of the small forms- Pleven 2010- with the composition “Dionysus”;
Joined exhibition of Varna artists 2011-with the composition “Corrida”
Exhibition for the awards of “Allianz Bulgaria”-2012- with the composition “Don Quixote”;
Sixth biennale of the small forms-Pleven 2012- with the sculpture “Pegasus”
Twenty first biennale of “Humor and Satire”- Gabrovo 2013-with the composition “Gabrovian cuts the tail of the cat…”;
Mixed Exhibition of the Association of Varna artists “Art on paper”- 2013 – with 3 watercolors in “Marine” topic.
In June 2013 in connection with the “International day of the Sailor” I participated in nationwide exhibition “Trace in the sea” and was awarded with 3rd place, prize ”Painting” and an honorary diploma.

I have 14 individual exhibitions:

5 in Varna – including:

◊ City Art Gallery

◊ “Universum” Gallery

◊ “Navilart” Gallery

◊ “As-art” Gallery

◊ Exhibition Hall at the “House of the Officers of the reserve”- Varna

1 in City Gallery “Balchik”

1 in “Petko Staykov” Gallery – Smolyan

1 in Exhibition Hall at Community center “Hristo Botev” – Plovdiv

1 in Community center “Suglasie”- Slaveyno