Velikdanov Valer'evich

Velikdanov Valer'evich

MOSCOW, Russia

About Velikdanov Valer'evich

I self educated Artist was born in Moscow Russia 9 of July in year of Dragon 1976 in middle class Soviet family Father was High qualified worker on Rocket Factory, Mother the Serving person on Spanish speaking Embassies. My generation is people who joint on both realities Soviet and modern Russian survivors of the fall and collapse of illusions.


My Artist education starts before the School i have a first prize on Child Competition organized by my Fathers Factory, V Day was the Subject. After the school i arrived to the University of Cinema and Television. In the middle 90's i was participant of Association Institute of Technology of Art we was the first Artist in post Soviet space who making research in Computer Digital Art.


2012 Russia Trimurti Festival
2015 Cyprus Work Shop on Exodus Festival
2017 Russia Mural on Fish Shop Curonian Spit
2020 Moscow Under Cover Pokrovsky Boulevard 8c2a


2017 Russia "Plein Air" Curonian Spit