Mazja Hillestrom

Mazja Hillestrom

Copenhagen, Denmark, Denmark

About Mazja Hillestrom

Mazja Hillestrøm 1976
Lives and works in Copenhagen

About Mazja

Mazja Chloé Hillestrøm was born in North Zealand in 1976 and grew up in and around Copenhagen. The interest in art was cultivated at the Bernadotte school in Hellerup, where a spectacular work from her early teens until recently was decorating one of the school's walls.

As an adult she has lived in London, New York, Vienna, and Copenhagen. Mazja has studied at Kunstskolen Spektrum in Copenhagen (2010-11), Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Vienna (2011-13), Konsthöganskolan in Malmö (2013-14), and Fatamorgana in Copenhagen (2014-15).

Above all Mazja is an artistic photographer, but she is also interested in light, installation art, and documentaries. She had an exhibition of her lamps called Bubbles in Politikens Hus in Copenhagen (2015).
Her fine art photography has been exhibited at Gallery Christoffer Egelund several times, and with the Broken Land collection she was named artist of the year in 2017.

This year she had a special exhibition at the Rudolph Tegner Museum and Statue Park. With her metamorphosic photographs entitled Resurrection, Mazja offered a completely new perspective on the sculptures of Rudolph Tegner. In addition, she contributes with five new pieces of work to the May edition of the photo book The Year about Copenhagen.

Mazja is also part of the duo UHHI Projects that has exhibited several places, among others at Kunsthal in Aarhus (2016) and at The Art Foundations in Athens (2016). The duo has just been granted a stay at the Danish Art Workshops, from which new creations hopefully will emerge soon.


2014-2015: Fatamorgana Photography School, Denmark
2013-2014: BFA Malmö Art Academy, Sweden
2011-2013: Akademie der bildenden Künste Wien, Austria
2010-2011: Spectrum Art School Copenhagen, Danmark


Up Coming Exhibition "Superfection" at Gallery Sandberg, Odense Denmark. Opening October 4th 2018


Summer Exhibition Gallery Christoffer Egelund, Copenhagen
Solo Exhibition "Resurrection" at Rudolph Tegners Museum
Vintershow at Gallery Christoffer Egelund
No Man's Land Exhibition Hotel SP34
Skånes konstförening Malmö, Sweden
Metamatic:taf Athens, Greece
TAB Project Aarhus Center For Contemporary Art. Denmark.
Politikkenshus Pressen Copenhagen, Denmark
Artoteket Götenburg, Sweden
Råhuset Copenhagen, Denmark
Gallery Krebsen Copenhagen, Denmark

Vi Tager Intet Ansvar Copenhagen, Denmark
KHM, Spring Exhibition Malmø, Sweden
Omhandling Gallery Poulsen, Denmark
Remap, Athens
Imprint, Gallery Kant, Denmark
Girls Just Want To Have Fun. Gallery Christoffer Egelund Copenhagen DK
New Directions In Photography. Vienna
She Wrote Murder. Copenhagen Denmark
The Late Titel Was Fabulous. Fluc Vienna Austria
Spring Exhibition. Aarhus Center For Contemporary Art. Denmark.

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