Surya de Wit

Surya de Wit

London, United Kingdom

About Surya de Wit

Surya de Wit is best known for her portraiture in which she incorporates a variety of unconventional materials with an aim to create a sense of tangibility to the audience. Her portraits are inspired by her experiences and how she identifies with people that she encounters. Her work is characterized by her vibrant melody of colours and materials that are used cohesively to create the atmosphere and portrait that she wants to depict. She recently returned from Bolivia where she was working with indigenous female weavers in a rural community in Bolivia, to promote their creativity and to explore other creative outlets outside of weaving.


Artez Arnhem '10
Fine Art


March -April 2018 -Kiosko Gallery (Santa Cruz, Bolivia) 'Warped threads' Solo exhibition.
Feb 2018- 360Workplace (Cochabamba, Bolivia) 'Rompiendo Esquemas' Exhibition/Art event at with Olivia Barron
Aug 2017- Wynwood Art District (London, UK) ‘Portraiture’ group exhibition "
Jun 2017 "Tanner Street Gallery (London, UK)
‘Game Face’ Sweet Art group exhibition "
Mar 2017 "Pearl and Bone Gallery (London, UK)
T’ART’ Sweet Art group exhibition "
Jan – Mar 2015 - Redmond Community Centre (London, UK)
‘Day Job’ solo exhibition depicting people from around the world in ceremonial costumes"
Dec 2014 -Sweet Art Collective (London, UK)
‘Saturnalia’ group exhibition
Jun 2013 -Sustainable Bolivia (Cochabamba, Bolivia)
‘My Pet Monster’ solo exhibition
Jan 2013 -Willemeen (Arnhem, Netherlands)
‘De Wolven’ group exhibition where I also created audio for visitors to listen to whilst exploring the exhibition
Mar 2012 -Radboud University (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
‘Fantastical Rampage’ solo exhibition
Nov 2011 -Galerie Epix (Arnhem, Netherlands)
‘Sweet Wilderness’ solo exhibition
July 2011 -Space Craft Gallery (Belfast, Northern Ireland)
‘Krioelende Beestjes’ duo exhibition
May 2011 -Espace Enny Gallery (Laag Keppel, Netherlands)
‘Paradise Lost’ group exhibition
Nov 2010 -Extrapool (Nijmegen, Netherlands)
‘Destilaat’ group exhibition
Oct 2010 -Delta Lloyd (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
‘Oostenwind’ group exhibition in which my piece entitled ‘Lampshade Hat’ was purchased and added to the Delta Lloyd collection