Daniela Dente

Daniela Dente

Trezzo Sull'Adda, Lombardia, Italy

About Daniela Dente

Daniela Dente aka DADE - short biography Painter, Restorer (canvas, frescos, boards, stone), Engraver, Cultural operator - DADE had a traditional artistic education followed by years of apprenticeship in restoration workshops. She works as a restorer for ‘Sovrintendenza ai Beni Culturali’ and for private collections. As an artist she takes part in collective and personal exhibitions, international contemporary art fairs in Italy and abroad. Portraitist and landscape painter, she enjoys painting animals and nature, practising with new materials and pioneering new techniques. Social activist as a Women In Black, she is involved in political discourse, inspiring her satirical artworks that touch on highly sensitive topics. As a martial arts practitioner she draws from here values of the extended culture, iconographically expressed in the coexistence of western and eastern influences. She identifies herself with the concept of Ecosophy, where nature and ecological harmony become central. In 2015 she founded ‘Movimento Arte Inessente’.


Liceo Artistico di Brera

Accademia di belle arti di Brera

Università statale di Milano
scienze storiche e archeologiche


Parallax Art Fair opens 20-21 October at the newly refurbished Chelsea Town Hall.

- "Pagine di Pane" mostra Internazionale di Libri d'artista
Biblioteca Nazionale Braidense, via Brera 28, Milano Italy dal'8 al 22 settembre 2015

- "Essere Natura" e "Cibarsi Creativamente"
BELLINZAGO (Novara) Italy
Biblioteca dal 20 al 27 SETTEMBRE

- "Essere Natura" e "Cibarsi Creativamente"
GALLIATE (Novara) italy
Castello dal 3 al 13 OTTOBRE

- "Donne per le Donne"
Sala Simoncini di Palazzo Frizzoni . Bergamo, Italy
dal 20 al 29 novembre


Italia Art Fair (Camera di Comm.,Consolato,Ambasciata Italiana), Dubai, UAE, 2015
BAF Bergamo Arte in Fiera, Bergamo, Italia 2014
Art Market Budapest, Ungheria, 2014
Arte Cremona, Cremona, Italia, 2014
Art Market Budapest, Ungheria, 2013
Macef O.d.A., Milano, Italia 2013
Arte Cremona, Cremona, Italia, 2013
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ArtInnsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria 2012
Immagina, Reggio Emilia, Italia 2011
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Akzenta, Graz, Austria, 2010
ArtInnsbruck Innsbruck, Austria,2010
Kunstmesse Salzburg, Salisburgo, Austria, 2009
ArtInnsbruck Innsbruck, Austria,2009
Imagina, Reggio Emilia, Italia, 2008
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