Lukas Bradacek

Lukas Bradacek

Cervreny Ujezd, Na drahach 461, Czech Republic

About Lukas Bradacek

*18.4.1964 Prague, Czech republic


1982 – 88 University of Applied Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague,
Department of Fine Art – Monumental painting


Diploma from the categories of "Drawing" of 2013th year is awarded Lukáš Bradáček from CZECH REPUBLIC.
The winner of drawing category was quite difficult to decide as as you see there are many different approaches to this practice. After long discussion the jury decided to award Czech artist Lukas Bradacek, 49 years old, for his capacity to renovate in a modern way the traditional category of portrait. We found interesting how he was able to translate a personal portrait in a collective one and how he experimented a narrative way to describe a common feel using easy symbols of modern age, like question and exclamation marks, crowns and a head as monumental bust.
The jury appreciated also the synthesis that artist was able to arrive in terms of drawings and conception, keeping anyway an high quality of both of them.
Finally, we found interesting how he decided to leave the drawing visible and to trace on that the finale sign, a way to leave traces of memory, on one side, and of creative process, on the other.
Tuesday, October 22, 2013 10:15 AM
The International Biennial Festival of Portrait XV. INTERBIFEP organized by the International Portrait Gallery Tuzla.


Palazzo Fogazzaro Schio, Italy
21st december 2013 - 22rd february 2014
Paper, paper and nothing but paper. Instead of paintings, marble, wood, videos or performances. The paper, "poor" material and vehicle of culture par excellence, is the leitmotiv of this exhibit.
Like the canvas or the material which will be manipulated and transformed into a work of art, paper creates inspiration, is dressed in emotions, is filled with meanings. Artists from 29 countries. Different cultural and stylistic backgrounds, different artistic languages meet and dialogue to color and give substance to the landscapes of imagination. Artist's books, prints, installation art. Variety and leitmotiv in the name of paper.
The exhibit, charming and diverse, will take place in Palazzo Fogazzaro in Schio, in an area, the territories north of Vicenza, that boasts, besides the well-known textile industries, a dynamic history of paper mills and the print of valued incunabula.
DI CARTA /PAPERMADE is organized by the Schio Municipality and curated by Valeria Bertesina.
It's an ample collective exhibition of works made of paper, divided in 3 categories: art prints, artist's books and installation art. The exhibition will host 79 artists, both italians and foreign.
Preview event: Saturday, 21st December, h.16.30
Day and hours of opening:
Wednesday h.10.00 -12.30
Friday h.16.00 -19.00
Saturday and Sunday h.10.00 -12.30 and 16.00 -19.00