Julie Barnes

Julie Barnes

, United Kingdom

About Julie Barnes

Julie Eleanor Barnes is a contemporary artist
and RSA prize winner who paints
figurative pieces, landscapes and also abstracts,
whilst many artists simply focus on one
particular genre. Her figurative work is bold in
composition and rich in colour, texture and light. Her
paintings have been described as classically beautiful,
arousing the emotions and firing the imagination, both
ethereal and visceral.

Julie's works sometimes straddle the worlds between reality and
dream, past life and present.

Julie has a free and whimsical dream like approach to
her subject matter, using gold, silver and bronze leaf
to enhance applied oils or acrylics giving her paintings
a rich texture. This feature, coupled with a wonderful
eye for colour, creates a finish which is both unique
and identifiable.

In 2007, her work was selected for the Royal Scottish
Academy (RSA) Exhibition at the National Gallery,
Scotland where she was awarded the RSA Keith Prize.

Every Painting is unique and individual and is an expression of her creative style.

Commissions are also undertaken.

Solo/group exhibitions/ sales in Scotland, United Kingdom and Europe.