Tijana Titin

Tijana Titin

Berlin, Berlin, Germany

About Tijana Titin

My work is focused on Human Beings, their position in the contemporary world and their interpersonal relations. I observe them from different perspectives and am making my own, nuanced take.

Similarly to Francis Bacon, who said: "I would like my pictures to look as if a human being had passed between them, like a snail leaving its trail of the human presence... as a snail leaves its slime", I too am attempting to reach the human essence in my works.

I want to give people a reason to pause, to reflect, to take a deep look into themselves. That is where the feelings are and that is what links us together. There we are the most vulnerable, there we are the closest to each other. Dealing with inner worlds interest me - a visualization of the invisible.

In all my works I use both figuration and abstraction. My aim is to give a few directions to the viewer, without revealing the final destination or becoming too illustrative. Figures are often appearing from and then disappearing back into an abstract space, which causes the feeling of constant flow within the painting.

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2010 Post-Graduate Degree at University of Arts (UdK) Berlin, Germany
2006 Graduate Degree at the Academy of Arts Novi Sad, Serbia


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Unblock- fairartfair Berlin (upcoming)

Solo exhibition, 30works gallery Cologne (postponed)

Solo exhibiton, 30works Cologne (postponed)
Spring group exhibition, MYBG Copenhagen

"Bodyscapes", MYBG Copenhagen (solo exhibition)
"Neue Sonne", BKI Berlin
"Dogma Painitngs", MYBG Copenhagen
Group exhibition of awarded former students, Bel Art Gallery, Novi Sad (Serbia)

Group exhibition, Dorothea Konwiarz Gallery Berlin
"Metonymies", City Library Belgrade

Prize-giving exhibition, Dorothea Konwiarz Gallery Berlin (solo exhibition)
"From Here to Myself", BKI Berlin

Art Karlsruhe
"Korsobad", Korsobad Studio, Berlin
"Illusion in Art", Fellini Gallery, Berlin

"Glaube", Magicum Art Museum, Berlin
"Fusion", Moka Westlake Gallery, Hangzhou, China (Curator)
"It's a Gift", United Arts and Design, Berlin, Germany

Tijana Titin and Boris Duhm: Nackt! (Why Performing has to be Naked) Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin
"Keep Me Posted", Morgenstern Gallery, Berlin


“MEL et FEL”, Gallery Helga Maria Bischoff, Berlin
Eb-Dietzsch-Art-Award for Painting (nomination), Gera
Art Saloon Murid Bosh, Berlin
“Gute Karten”, Laureate and Foundationers of UdK Berlin, Haus am Kleistpark, Berlin


“Human, Movement, Emotion”, Dorothea Konwiarz Foundation Gallery, Berlin
"Matamorphoses and Mutation", Forum Factory, Berlin