Melinda Butt

Melinda Butt

Auckland, New Zealand

About Melinda Butt

Melinda Butt has been Painting professionally for 18 years. Inspired by Pop, Bauhaus, architectural forms and colour her abstract compositions offer a fresh perspective.
Her hard edge paintings focus on a minimal use of colour, the tones used are prescriptive to enhance the impact and atmosphere of the setting. With all of her work there is an
invitation to interpret the imagery on your own terms, leaving scope for interaction and imagination.
The Focus for her new studio work ‘Porthole’.
Taking inspiration from a ships porthole, these paintings are windows that permit light and fresh air to enter the dark. These other worldly landscapes create the feeling of looking through a new lens. Due to this size and shape of the paintings there is an illusion of a modified point of view into this imagery world.
“Having created manly large scale paintings over the last few years revisiting smaller works has influenced my perspective and interest in producing limited or heavily edited points of view. It’s as if you’re looking at these new works through a peephole, that only allows restricted glimpse into another world.”

The observation of natural forms plays an large role her work. Melinda strives to illustrate the forces behind what we see, intertwining what is visually present with the imagined.


Bachelor of arts, Double major in Political Studies and Film and Television. Combined exhibitions at Mobile Art gallery, Arts Desire gallery.Finalist for the Waikato Society of Arts painting and print-making award.Finalist for an ASA scholarship (Auckland School of Arts),


Residency in Tulum, Mexico
Cliftons art award finalist 2011
Waikato arts society finalist in 2011 and 2009
Residency at Bundanon trust NSW Australia 2014


Public art installations for NZ government and local councils 2017 - present day.
Solo shows at Allpress gallery Auckland 2018
Wallace Gallery Morrinsville - 2014
Black Astrisk Gallery - Auckland 2012
Beatty Gallery - Sydney Nov 2010
Astras Gallery - Sydney on going dealer
Auckland Art Fair - July 2010
Lane Gallery – Auckland December 2009
Artworks at the Hilton - Auckland August 2008
Solo exhibition at the Satellite Gallery - Auckland July 2008
Art Associates - Auckland On going
Mobile Art - Auckland On going