Natre Pinter

Natre Pinter

Szigetmonostor, Europe, Hungary

About Natre Pinter

Natre, the Code painter
Painting itself was not my aim, it has come as a result of my spiritual experience.
A librarian and a theologist by profession, I had dedicated myself to those professions until the biggest turning point of my life came.
It was in 2008 when influenced by a very powerful inspiration - an inner voice - I started to paint. My name, Natre, I got in my dream. The depth of the meaning of my name and the tasks that accompany it are continuously unfolding for me.
IntuitiveIy I give way to the messages of the invisible world. My painter's world is continually in formation, and sometimes it is surprising even to me to see what is unfolding on the canvas.
My paintings - apart from their visible forms - comprise energetic codes as well, which in my view gently get into contact with the recipient, in a natural way tune to find new focuses and inclusion of the new, extraordinary sensations.
I believe that I got the painting itself as well as this Blessing, in order to share experiences and inspiring, positive messages with as many people as possible, and let them take part in so far unseen, unprecedented possibilities of inspirations.
This is an exciting adventure for me as well to see what kind of reception will the messages of the Universe brought down by me get trought different countires - regardless of their cultural roots.


Librarian Degree
Degree in Theology



Conferito all'artista selezionato - Atre Salisburgo, La Galleria Art Fomrum - Salzburg, Austria, 2019
Selected Artist Diploma - - „Rasegna D’arte Contemporanea „Arte Venezia” – Venezia, Italy, 2018
Premio Speciale della Critica – Rasegna Internazional d’arte – Premio Citta Di Montecosaro, 2018
Critics Special Prize - Rasegna Internazionale d'Arte - Premio Ligures Cittá di Lerici, Lerici, Italy,2018
Critics Special Prize - Rasegna Internazionale d'Arte - Premio Cittá di Porto San' Elpidio, Villa Baruchello, Italy, 2018
Selected Artist Diploma - Rasegna Internazional D'Arte, Roma, Italy, 2017
Premio Speciale della Giuria - Rasegna Internazional D'Arte "Premio Citta di Montecosaro 6. edizione, 2017
Selected Artist Diploma – Rasegna Internazionale d’Arte, Slovakia, Bratislava, 2017
Critics Special Prize - Rasegna Internazionale d'Arte 4 - Italy, Lerici, 2017
Special Jury Prize - Rassegna Internazionale d'Arte 3 - Italy, Sarzana, 2016

Radio interviews

2017 sept. 17. Radioinform - Newsletter - Healing with angels and healing paintings

TV interviews:

2016 "CMM"
2015 "VNTV"
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Articles, journals:

2019 Art Freaks Global - The new Art Book issue 1. 2019, 200 -201 p.
2018 CorriereAdriatico
2016 Nagykovácsi newspaper
2015 MAM Multimedia Art Magazine
2014 "Democrat journal"
2012 Gyál Newspaper
2012 Messenger newspaper
2011. Naturopath Magazine


2015 Spread the Word about Hungarians Foundation, Hungary, Budapest:

"Light of the Soul Aspects of Natre paintings"

2014 Music Theatre, Hungary, Budapest:

"Gateways of 2014"
"The Secrets of Mastery"
"Focus on Yourself"



"Arte Sacra" - Villa Barucchello, Porto Sant'Elpidio, Italy 2019 dec.- 2020 jan.
"Art Salzburg" - Art Forum Gallery, Salzburg, Austria, 2019
„MemoArt” – Apartment Gallery, Budapest, Hungary, 2019
„Calici D’Arte” – Montecosaro, Italy, 2018
„Rasegna D’arte Contemporanea „Arte Venezia” – Venezia, Italy, 2018
„Rasegna Internazional D’arte Premio Citta’ di Montecosaro 7. – Montecosaro, Italy, 2018
"Rasegna Internazional D'arte „Premio Ligures Cittá di Lerici „5. – Liguria, Olaszország, 2018
„Rasegna Internazional D'arte - Premio Citta del Porto Sant Elpidio”, Villa Baruchello, Italy, 2018
"Rasegna International D'arte - Italicum - Roma, Italy -Selected Artist Diploma, 2017
"Rasegna Internazional d'Arte - Saluto - Bratislava, Slovakia, 2017
"Rasegna Internazionale d'Arte 6 - Montecosaro - Premio Speciale della Giuria, 2017
"Rasegna Internazionale d'Arte" 4 - Italy, Lerici - Critics Special Prize,2017
"Premio Citta Di Porto Sant Elpidio" - Internazionale D'arte, Villa Baruchello, Italy2016
"Sergio Graziosi 2016" -Biennale Internazionale D'arte Contemporanea – Firenze, 2016
"Eagles honeymoon differently" – Solo exhibition - Hungary, Nagykovács, 2016i
"Rassegna Internazionale d'Arte 3". - International exhibition - Special Jury Prize – Italy, Sarzana, 2016
"Rassegna Internazionale d'Arte" – International exhibition - Slovakia, Pozsony, 2015
"Orange Art" - International exhibition – Italy, 2015
"S'i Fossi Foco" - International exhibition - Bellano, Italy, 2015
"Children the blue of blood" book presentation combined with an exhibition – Hungary, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest, 2014
„The Art of Identity” – Solo exhibition, Music Teather, Budapest, 2014
"Tempi Moderni" - International exhibition - Milano, Italy, 2014
"Shamal" - International exhibition - Bellano, Italy, 2014
"Comedium Corso Exhibition" - Esztergom, Hungary, 2014
"Omah petals" - Solo exhibition - Gyál, Hungary,2013
"The Return" - Solo exhibition - Budapest, Hungary, 2012
"The Passage" - Solo exhibition - Budapest, Hungary, 2012
"Initiates' Entry"- Solo exhibition - Budapest, Hungary,2011
"The Power of Creation" - Solo exhibition - Budapest, Hungary, 2009
"Natre's Birth" - Solo exhibition - Budapest, Hungary ,2009