Victoria Golovina Art

Victoria Golovina Art

Amsterdam, Amsterdam Noord, Netherlands

About Victoria Golovina Art

🔹I am using human body language to express knowledge and feelings accumulated over the years of life.
Naked body can tell the truth, because there is nothing to hide.
Bending and movement can tell you what's going on inside of one individual and a whole society.
🔹I strive to show the beauty and divinity of the human body, the Microcosm of the Macrocosm.
🔹A white canvas is the beginning of the journey. Much happens around, much happened inside.
Swiftly growing and splashing out with the lava of the volcano ..
🔹Here the hand leads a line, concentration, momentum; and I am already dissolved in the creation of the new, and already out of time.
🔹The intrigue is that I never know what will happen at the end.
Always improvisation.
🔹Intuitive painting on paper or canvas, translation of the past and the future through lines, colours and forms.
I am free in what I do.
I am a Master and I am a Learner.


🔹Russian-Dutch Artist Victoria Golovina.
Victoria graduated from an art-school under the supervision of a sculptor Peter Podstavkin.
🔹Studied and graduated from Moscow Art and Fashion Industry Institute.
🔹Member of International federation of Artist and Artist's Union of Russia.
🔹Victoria's artworks are kindly accepted to collections of prime State National Museum of Russia.
🔹Victoria worked as a prime designer for the first boutique of high fashion in Moscow with brands like Christian Lacroix, Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Dior.
🔹From the year 2000, Victoria totally dedicated her life into the art and she had several art-projects and expositions around the world: in Russia, Netherlands, France, Malaysia and India.
🔹Victoria considers herself as a mystic expressionist artist.
🔹Victoria"s artworks are improvisation and strong energy message. The female body is a vessel of wisdom, grace and infinite beauty - main object of Victoria"s creative symbolic language.

🔹Через изображение обнаженной натуры, язык жестов, мим передаю зрителям понимание человека как вселенной в миниатюре.
🔹Тело человека может рассказать истории: переживаний и открытий, может поведать о радости и боли, о любви.
Изгиб, движение и поза - о том, что происходит внутри одного индивидуума и всего общества в целом.
🔹Я стараюсь показать красоту и божественность человека Микрокосма в Макрокосме.
🔹Белый, чистый лист - это начало путешествия. Многое происходит вокруг и аккомулируется внутри.
Стремительно нарастает и выплёскивается лавой вулкана...
🔹Вот рука ведёт линию, концентрация, импульс и всё моё существо поглощено созданием нового и я уже вне времени....
🔹Интрига в том, что никогда не знаешь, что получится по окончании.
Всегда импровизация.
Интуитивное письмо на бумаге или холсте, трансляция прожитого и грядущего через линии, цвет и формы.
Я свободна в том, что я делаю.
Я - Мастер и Я - ученик.


Art school of sculptor Peter Podstavkin.
Moscow Art and Fashion industry Institute.
Specialty: Artist-designer


🎗️ 2019 - participate Luxembourg Art Prize


Exhibitions held:
🔻2019 - participate Luxembourg Art Prize
🔻2018 - exhibition "Strawberry Fields Forever" at Kilimanjaro Amsterdam
🔻2017 - open Atelier Noordwaarts Halte Zamenhofstraat, Amsterdam.
🔻2017 - exposition at CC Admiralen.
🔻2016 - participated "De Portrettenparade"
🔻2016 - "Back to Nature" or "Strawberry Fields Forever" at ExpoCafe Zamen, Amsterdam.
🔻2016 - "Dancing my life" artwork in O'Mistico, India, Goa
🔻2015 - Open museum night at Zamen Art Atelier, Amsterdam.
🔻2015 - Exposition "Summer in the city", Studio Carli, Amsterdam.
🔻2015 - Exposition "Strawberry Fields Forever"at Ludwig, Amsterdam.
🔻2015 - Exposition "Spring 2015", Bedford - Stuyvesant, Amsterdam.
🔻2014 - "ART DECO TODAY", at La Boutique del Caffe Torrefazione, Amsterdam.
🔻2014 - Personal exhibition "Human Art Soul from East to West" at Ludwig, Amsterdam.
🔻2013 - Personal exhibition "5 years in Amsterdam, life on canvas", Amsterdam.
🔻2013 - Kunstveiling voor het KWF kankerbestrijding fonds, Amsterdam.
🔻2013 - Rembrant Classic Hotel, Amsterdam
🔻2012 - expo in Comfort Caffe, Amsterdam
🔻2012 - personal exhibition at Ludwig, Amsterdam
🔻2010 - personal exhibition Human Art Soul, The Thought Art Gallery, Amsterdam
🔻2009 - 2010 exhibition WOMEN, Gertrud D Gallery, Amsterdam
🔻2009 - exhibition in Puyck. Amsterdam, Holland
🔻2009 - International Art Salon in the Central House of
Artist in Moscow.
🔻2008 - exhibition in State Museum of N.Ostrovskiy
🔻2008 - personal exhibition in Tula Art Museum (seventy artworks)
🔻2008 - Moscow International Festival Of Art “Traditions and Contemporaneity” Maneg.
🔻2007 - Charity exhibition for children in need, Gallery “Drevo”, Moscow.
🔻2007 - took part in project “ARTESANIA” in
New Maneg in Moscow.
🔻2007 - personal exhibition in the Central
House of Artist in Moscow (seventy six art- works)
🔻2006 - personal exhibition “Miss Asia” in the Russian National State Museum of the East (80 artworks)
🔻2005 - personal exhibition in Kuala-Lumpur with French
association in Malaysia.
🔻2003 - personal exhibition “Russia-Homeland” in cathedral of Saint-Saviour in Moscow.
🔻2002, took part in Festival contemporary art in Paris, Ballade dans l’art contemporaien, 2002 collectif Rochechou Art, Galerie Cristal;