Viliana Atanasova

Viliana Atanasova

Oakland, CA, United States

About Viliana Atanasova

My name is Viliana Atanasova and I'm an artist and graphic designer.I was born and raised in Bulgaria where drawing and books were my daily obsession in childhood. I dreamed to become an artist,illustrator and fashion designer in USA someday. Ironically, I chose different career path which somehow led me to the path I originally dreamed as a child. One day I won the green card lottery and immigrated to USA.I took my first drawing lesson at City College of San Francisco without a plan for future. I felt that I had a lot to say and express at this moment. My artwork is representation of my dreams, thoughts, feelings ,longings and the balance which I seek in myself, my own life and the world surrounding me.


Graphic design,UC Berkeley, California
Fine Art,City College of San Francisco,CA
Pedagogy of Fine Art, Univeristy of Shumen, Bulgaria
Kinesiology, University of Russe, Bulgaria