Lisbeth Buonanno

Lisbeth Buonanno

Paris, Ile-de-France, France

About Lisbeth Buonanno

I was born in Athens Greece, raised both in Mauritius Island and Southern part of France. Both my parents were French but they belong to the melting pot. So my origines are complexed. Malcolm de Chazal has been my painting teacher and I have been his only student.


I studied arts but not only. I got a scholarship for RPC to study Economics and Politics. I graduate from INALCO after spending few years in Nanjing and Beijing. Living in China during the opening years was quiet an experience and I have been greatly influenced by Chinese environment. I opened there a fashion workshop and my life took another turn. I was hired as an high fashion designer for the studio of a Japanese designer Hanaë-Mori. At the same time I was having painting exhibition. My first exhibition was held at the age of 16.


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International: Guanzhou Art Fair, Art Shopping, Salon de l'abordable, Exhibition at BNP-Paribas Wealth Managment Paris 75008, Ho-ChimIn, Four Seasons Hotel Singapore, Opera Gallery Singapore...
Ddg Galerie Ile-Saint-Louis, Paris, Gmac, Printemps des Arts