Agnieszka Kukawska

Agnieszka Kukawska

South Bend, IN, United States

About Agnieszka Kukawska

I always begin painting with harmony in my soul and...
a cup of brewed coffee within a hand's reach.
The process of creation is like a dialogue between me and my imagination; between me and my soul; between me and my senses; between me and the music.
Through painting I celebrate colors, flavors, dreams, the nuances of texture and...LIGHT. Capturing the light is everything(!).
I create according to rhythms from Nature, poems, and moods absorbed from melodies.
Abstract art is like music because of patterns, harmony, repetitions, accents, musical phrases,.. and the emotional escape from the real world into a dream, like stare of mind. When I paint I always listen to music.
Music forms the painting, making thoughts more concise, comprising the ideas, visualizing the feelings; working together with the paint to create vivid emotions through the bright colors and sudden shapes.
Light is like a cup of good coffee; it is an additional dimension; reflecting the meaning of the visual concept, bringing clarity and understanding of shapes and colors onto the canvas.
Everything I observe, on a day-to-day basis can be defined and experienced on a much deeper level through senses of art.
I present this theory through visual presentations- painting, photography, videos, art teaching, as well as other various forms of abstract art.


Studying in Siedlce, Poland ( 1993-98), I was given the opportunity to learn under the direction of great Polish artists: Tomek Nowak, Marian Gardziński, C. Pius Ciapło, Halina Cholewka, Michał Gardziński.


Art Exhibits in Poland -1998/99
Foundations for Individuality, 2012, South Bend
Solo Exhibit at Eddy Common, 2012, South Bend
Next Wave Art Salon, 2012, 2013, Elgin, Chicago,
Art Beat in South Bend, 2012,
Modern Art Exhibition in Chicago 2014
ArtWalk, Elkhart, 2012/13
Spring Into Art, 2012, 2013, Nappanee,
Spring Into Art 2014,
Solo Exhibit in South Bend 2014/2015
International Exhibit in Poland ( December '14- January '15)
Art in Baroda, 2013,
Spring Into Art 2015,


-Solo Exibits in Siedlce, Poland- 1997-1998
-Solo Exibitions in South Bend, Chicago States- 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
- International Exhibit in Poland 2014/15/16
-"Ten Exhibits in Ten Minutes", South Bend, 2015
-Ten exhibits during Ten Days, South Bend, 2015,
- International Exhibit in Poland 2016/17
- Art Beat 2017, South Bend
- Kid Beat 2017, South Bend
- Solo Abstract Exhibit in Vegetable Buddies, 2018
South Bend
- Kid Beat, 2018, South Bend
- "Aquatic Voices" Art Exhibition at Gallery 2910, South Bend 2018/19
- "Emotions in Motions" - acrylic paintings exhibition, South Bend, 2019
- Solo exhibition in the Art Studio, at South Bend Museum of Art, January8th, 2021
- Solo virtual exhibition: "One Sunny Day", South Bend, January16th, 2021
- Solo virtual exhibition: "One Blue Day", South Bend, January18th, 2021
- Solo virtual exhibition: " The Colors Always Wear the Shadows", South Bend, January21st, 2021
- Solo virtual exhibition: "Daylight Absorbed the Colors", South Bend, January23rd, 2021
- Solo virtual exhibition: "The Purple Mood", South Bend, January27th, 2021
- Solo virtual exhibition: " The Colors of Afternoon", South Bend, January29th, 2021