Allie Pohl

Allie Pohl

Venice, CA, United States

About Allie Pohl

Allie Pohl is a Los Angeles based conceptual artist who created the "Ideal Woman" symbol. The logo has been digitally enhanced to Western societies socially constructed ideal female measurements of 36-24-36. The symbol, which can be seen as an avatar, is a form that is repeated throughout her sculptures, installations, and jewelry. It serves as an agent for change: to question the social constructs of perfection.

Barbie, an American cultural icon, born in 1959 at the dawn of the Post-War consumer culture, was intended as a toy for young girls, but its ubiquitous presence resulted in a brand representing the idea of female physical perfection. By developing a new brand image, the "Ideal Woman", Pohl forces the viewer to be aware of the unattainable nature of this "cookie cutter" form.

Allie Pohl's Ideal Woman: Necklace, has recently joined forces with Daybreak, a Los Angeles based women's charity. Daybreak, a project of OPCC (a 501(c) non-profit organization, empowers women recovering from mental illness and homelessness to rebuild their lives. The women of Daybreak and Pohl assemble the necklaces and a portion of the proceeds are donated to the center.

Allie Pohl (b. 1984) is based in Los Angeles. She received a Bachelor of Arts from Hamilton College. Pohl then attended Parsons, The New School for Design, in New York City, where she received an Associates of Applied Science in graphic design. She then went on to receive her MFA in Electronic Media Arts & Design from the University of Denver. Pohl has exhibited in galleries and museums in California, Florida, Texas, Colorado, and New York. Her art work and branded merchandise have been featured in over 50 publications including "USA Today", "LIFE Magazine", "Marie Claire", "The Orlando Sentinel", "The Denver Post", "Cool Hunting", "Huffington Post", and "Hello Giggles."


University of Denver, Master of Fine Arts, June 2010
Electronic Media Arts and Design

Parsons the New School for Design, Associate of Applied Science, July 2008
Graphic Design

Hamilton College, Bachelor of Arts, May 2007


Solo Exhibitions


Galleri Urbane, Ideal Woman, Dallas, TX
Plus Gallery, Peacocking, Denver, CO


Bano Gallery, Hot Seat, Los Angeles, CA
Art Cart, De-Faced, New York, NY


Plus Gallery, Mirror, Mirror, Denver, CO
Royal/T’s Pop Up Shop, Ideal Woman by allie pohl, Los Angeles, CA


Marina Abramovic Institute, Perfect, San Francisco, CA
Hinterland Gallery, Ideal Woman: 36-24-36, Denver, CO

Two Person Exhibitions


Galerie 102, Peacocks in Fight, Ojai, CA

Group Exhibitions


Dallas Art Fair, Dallas, TX
The Gabba Gallery, Platforms and Paint, Los Angeles, CA


Context Miami, Galleri Urbane, Miami, FL
George Gallery, Cake, Laguna, CA
The Victoria Myhren Gallery at University of Denver, 2013 Juried Alumni Exhibition, Denver, CO
Aurora Project, Bathtub Vignettes, Dallas, TX
Dallas Art Fair, Galleri Urbane, Dallas, TX
UNT on the Square, My Day Your Night, Denton, TX
Presenter at UNT Peace Conference: The Middle East, A New Era, Collaborative Arts in Countries of Conflict, TX


Curio, Interviews, Venice, CA
City of Winter Park, Art on the Green, juried By Olga Viso, Winter Park, FL
Perform Chinatown, Ideal Woman: Outline, Los Angeles, CA
S Cube, Space Oddity, Laguna Beach, CA
Allahyari and Eden Ünlüata, My Day/ Your Night. Iran
LACE, Benefit Art Auction, Los Angeles, CA
Santa Monica Museum of Art, INCOGNITO, Santa Monica, CA
S Cube, Transitional, Laguna Beach
Carmichael Gallery, Anteriore, Los Angeles, CA


EmmaGrayHQ, Day Break, Los Angeles, CA
Marine Contemporary, Tender is the Night, Los Angeles, CA
Art Platform, Los Angeles, CA
Beacon Building, The Feminine Canvas, Los Angeles, CA
Los Angeles Art Association, Auction, Los Angeles, CA
Aleyxs Schwartz Projects, The Delta, Los Angeles, CA
Santa Monica Museum of Art, INCOGNITO, Santa Monica, CA


Orlando Museum of Art, XX/XY, Orlando, FL
Art Capital Group, Hamilton, New York, NY
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, See Yourself, Boulder, CO
University of Northern Colorado, At the Moment, Greeley, CO
Plus Gallery, New Works, Denver, CO
Mixing Room Gallery, Untitled, Denver, CO
Vertigo Gallery, Emerging 4, Denver, CO
Illiterate Gallery, Where the Wild Things Art, Denver, CO
The Fu Collective and Gallery, Untitled, Denver, CO


Cougar Hunting produced by Aspen Entertainment Group, release date Fall 2010, 
Staring Laura Flynn Boyle and Vanessa Angel
Prax(us), Unity, Denver, CO
The Black Box Theater,
 Unspoken, Denver, CO
Myhren Gallery of University of Denver, Untitled, Denver, CO
Plus Gallery, New Media Salon, Denver, CO


Denver International Airport, Home, Denver, CO
Davis Auditorium of University of Denver, Video, Denver, CO
Myhren Gallery of University of Denver, Your Secret Here, Denver, CO