Heather Offord

Heather Offord

chicago, Illinois

About Heather Offord

« These art works are a bridge to the divine, and to all. »
Heather Offord is a passionate American painter with national exposure. Her primary objective is to use art to help humanity mind travel and perceive reality in ways not readily practiced. For this, she explores the practices of remote viewing and consciousness expansion, composing works that engage all senses and encourage each viewer to question and react. With each painting, Offord invites the viewer to travel through time and space, away from the ego and towards a point of harmony.


Heather found Esp testing through Northwestern University and did well with clairvoyant and telepathic abilities. This led her to get trained with one of the world’s top remote viewers, who is well known within the community and has worked with the CIA and FBI on counter terrorism. Heather performed instantly and naturally with very high level of accuracy. She is becoming quickly regarded as a savant in the area. Heather’s latest collection of art marries her two greatest gifts and passions – Art and Remote Viewing. Each art piece is a portal and invitation to mind travel. Heather says some things are so profound they simply can not be explained or told, as they are too great, they must be experienced. Her art is a bridge to help all beings connect as one. She hopes this collection will help mankind rebuild trust in ones own abilities, to perceive beyond the 5 senses, and realize the oneness of us all. With each piece she invites the viewer to meditate and remote view.