Victoria Albuquerque

Victoria Albuquerque

Lewes, East Sussex, United Kingdom

About Victoria Albuquerque

London born artist, Victoria Albuquerque paintings are about her need to balance and harmonies.

With an early career in architecture it would have been natural for Victoria to express herself with straight line precision but a dissertation written during her masters about the influence technology has on creativity, she concluded that the closest link to creativity is through the hands. After a career in architecture, Albuquerque choose to paint two dimensional pictures about human life. It is vital for Victoria's work to be a drawing in of information to make a balanced and harmonious influence on life, self and others.

Victoria Albuquerque lives and works in East Sussex.


Architecture BSc (Hons) | 1993| Cardiff University
Photography award, student newspaper photographer
BArch | 1996 | Kent Institute of Art and Design
RIBA student representative
RIBA ARB | 1997 | Kent Institute of Art and Design
Qualified architect
Professional Photography Course | 2002 | London South Bank University
Counselling Diploma | 2008 | Wealden Institute
Qualified as an integrated counsellor, person centered, Gestalt and Transactional.


2018 Ashdown Gallery – introducing figurative work
2017 Modern in the Country – journey abstracts and mapping works
2018 The Old Forge House
2017 Towner Gallery
2017 Keizer Gallery
2017 RA Summer Exhibition Finalist
2016 Towner Gallery
2016 Belmore – Everything Small
2016 Keizer Gallery
2016 Brighton Open - Timed Works
2016 RA Summer Exhibition Finalist
2015 Towner Gallery
2014 Keizer Gallery
2014 Birley Center
2013 Modern in the Country – Fianne Stanford and Janine Shute
2012 Artist Lewes Foundary United
2011 Coastal Currents
2011 Bexhill Museum