Lynn Rybicki

Lynn Rybicki

Baltimore, MD, United States

About Lynn Rybicki

Lynn Rybicki was born in Chicago, Illinois. She studied painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art. For over 20 years, she has produced abstract works on paper and canvas in a variety of media. Lynn has shown her work extensively in her home state of Maryland, throughout the region, and beyond.

"I paint to communicate the exuberance and joy of being alive in this space-time continuum. I paint to uplift people, and to persuade them to consider the depth of what lies beneath the surface of life.

Often, I use bright, clear colors in my work. Much as they did for renowned artist, Kandinsky, these colors remind me of the beautiful stained glass windows found in the churches of my childhood, and of the brightly colored Christmas tree lights. For me, joyful colors awaken the spirit and lead it on the path to the aesthetic experience of bliss.

In order to communicate the more cosmic side of life, I choose to paint abstractly. That way, the visual assemblage of forms on the canvas cannot be easily pigeonholed as the objects and narratives of everyday life."

Many of Lynn's paintings and most of her current works are based on the landscape, for which she has always had a profound reverence. In 1997, Lynn returned to school full time to pursue a degree in music. Upon its completion, she returned to painting with newly honed aesthetic sensibilities and with great joy.

"To the farthest reaches of the cosmos, light lives, life breathes, souls soar, and colors roar. From this dance, an ocean of feeling springs. In my work, I seek to express these unspeakable things. And always, to uplift."