kostya goldtv Mitenev

kostya goldtv Mitenev

Saint Petersburg, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

About kostya goldtv Mitenev

the Minimal Symbol ( metaSymbolism )

Since 2008 I am kostя goldtv
In 2010, at the exhibition in the Russian Museum "Strike with a brush" made a personal project "Russian Secret" and continued this project as a personal art performance (illegally. See YouTube).
In 2015,17 of May , made an exhibition at the 56th Venice Biennale with the art-picket "The Separation Of Art And State". And gave an interview on Radio Liberty in the Diary of Culture of Dmitry Volchek. Released the same documentary photo-book in English and Russian.
Since that time I am an artist of the profile of meta-Symbolism art. Made solo exhibitions in St. Petersburg, Helsinki, at the International Biennial of the Artist's Workshop (off-line and on-line) in the style of "Minimal Symbol".

1987 - 92 I was Necrorealist and Next Artist in Underground Culture,Leningral / USSR


1984-86 Leningrad State University

1988-90 A.Sokurov's cinema school of New Film Directors

1994 Art-college Offenbuch am Main,Germany

1998 International art-school Tornio-Happaranda, Finland, Sweden

1999 Banffcenter of art, st.Alberta,Canada,


Photobook "The Separation Of Art And State" by kostya goldtv


2000th Exhibitions:

2021 2 May - 8 May, Artbox Projects, Barcelona 1.0
2021 18 Feb - 18 March, "Homage to the Character",Kuryochin Center in SPb
2020 22 Oct - 22 Nov, "A History Of Development Of Media Art", Kuryochin Center in SPb
2020 20-24 of August, Art-Box Project, Zurich 2.0
2020 August, " Krukreniks", Gallery "Here" on Taganka, Moscow
2020 10 of August, "Look sharp!", the exhibition in live FB, gallery "Shpala" and gallery "Bella"
2020 August, kafe-gallery "Botanika", St.-Petersburg
2020 April-May, "And hang a portrait here..", Gallery "Here" on Taganka, Moscow (On-Line)
2020 April, " Black Box, White Lights", gallery "Shpala", SPb (On-Line)
2020 "Merry-Go-Round 2",Gallery "Here" on Taganka, Moscow
2019 "Merry-Go-Round 2",Gallery "Here" on Taganka, Moscow
2019 ArtBasel Artweeks 2 - 8th of December, Maiami
2019 SwissArtExpo, 15-19 of August, Zurich
2019 "Between euphoria and ridicule"
Heroes, tricksters and ascetics of contemporary art of St. Petersburg 1989–2002
Exhibition in the Nizhny Novgorod branch of the NCCA in Arsenal, July 19 - September 29, 2019

2018 Art Rome-International Art Expo-Flyer Art Gallery, july-august, Flyer Art Gallery, Roma

2018 (17 of March) "eYAliada", an exhibition of meta-paints, gallery "Man-Go", SPb
2017 "0_Color 0_paint 0_цвет" / minimal-symbol, an exhibition, SPb
2016 "NowI", an exhibition on 1st WorldWideApartmentAndStudiaBiennale, SPb
2016 "Dandy-Spring", Cafe Cavalier, Helsinki
2015 "Wash Horoscope Of Mine", Vertical Gallery, SPb
2015 "Avtonomka / Separatka", an art private party-exhibition, SPb
2015 "The Separation Of Art And State", Venice, Biennale of Art 56, Arsenal,Green Pavilion,17 of May
2014 "Here They Are..", Bobby Gallery,SPb
2014 "Manifesta 10", SPb
2014 "ArtVilnuis2014", Vilnuis,Lithuania
2013 "Art Moscow 2013",Moscow
2012 “Shit”, Al Gallery, SPb
2011 "NEVA_ptimizm III: Phantoms and Saints", bar "Jesus", SPb
2011 "NEVA_ptimizm II: Salutions and Ices", bar "Kopen", SPb
2010 "NEV_Aptimizm", club "Stereo bar", SPb
2009 "White Noise-Black Holes", home-exhibition, SPb
2008 «Nowwwave», club "Antung baby", SPb
2008 «Alice in Wonderburg», club "MOD", SPb
2008 « Empire 5.48 a.m. », "Atlantic city" The trading house, St.-Petersburg(SPb)

Museum's Exhibition:
"Russian secret N 2012", Louvre, Paris, France,2012
"Russian secret .Trend N 26", MNAC , Barcelona, Spain, 2011
"Russian secret N18. AI Wei, Wind of Art, Wei", the State Hermitage, SPb, 2011
«Russian secret. Trend N 14», the State Russian Museum, SPb, 2010

90th Exhibitions:
«Ostranenie», «GO EAST Party», Dessau,Germany, 1993
«Holography», Offenbuch of Main, Germany, 1993
"Stubnic", the ship of art, St.-Petersburg, 1994
"Art huts", Malmo, Sweden, 1994
"UNDINA/UNited DIgital NAtions" and "XYMAN-constructor of body", MUU gallery, Helsinki, 1996
The First Russian festival of Net-Art, 1Award in a nomination ' the Art a resource ', Moscow, 1998
Web-art founder, 1998
And a lot of art exhibitions on-line and off-line

80th Exhibitions:
"Kino of Poets", performance , The house of culture "Red October", 1986, Leningrad
«New Artists"», The house of culture of name Sverdlov, 1988, Leningrad
«From Underground till Perestroika», Exhibition Hall "Harbour", 1988, Leningrad
«Necrorealizm», MUCSARNOK art gallery, 1990, Budapest, Hungary
"Bridges", the Palace Bridge, 1991, Leningrad
« The New Sky And The Moon On It », open air show on Isaac Square, 1991, Leningrad - St.- Petersburg

Films: "Followers Of Olf", 16 mm, 1987, Leningrad
"Stupid Lips", 35 mm, 1990, Leningrad