Jeltje Baas

Jeltje Baas

Oosterstreek, Netherlands

About Jeltje Baas

18-05-1944 Drachten The Netherlands


The landscapes of New Zealand, Portugal and the North of the Netherlands are together with cows inhabitating these landscapes my main themes. The New Zealand landscapes is so varied and fantastic. Every day I painted these landscapes I enjoyed the inspiration, experiences, solitude and majestic surroundings. I enjoyed experiencing the landscape by creating an image, that is a form of travel too.

De portraits

Kite project
In the spring of 2008 a new project started with a special opening day in June 2008. I painted six portraits of 'Children of all countries': Djanillo, Rajanee, Nio, Jildou, Ciara and Daan. Six Wynpst members made the kites these portraits were painted on and exhibited tham at several kite meetings. See kites.In 2009 the next kite project launched, cow kites, for the first time in the air at the 18th Nelson Summer Kite Festival in New Zealand. Cows no longer in the paddock or meadow in the Netherlands? By wrestling them from the muck I give them the freedom the fly over the grass. In this series (Antipodes) 6 paintings, see Kites.


An earlier series of portraints has my mother Eva as its subject. She posed for me, while observing I painted my own reality, more than just the image capturing memories showing todays face and reliving the past. The thin, method of painting in layers depicts the frail weathered skin through a network of small strokes. The portrait is a subject of all times, but remains attractive for the painter, model and spectator. The exploration/feeling of shape, amosphere and presence is more exciting than doing the same for a landscape: as there is a inner as well as

Het portret is een onderwerp van alle tijden, maar blijft voor de maker, het model en de toeschouwer aantrekkelijk. Het verkennen/ aftasten van vorm, sfeer en uitstraling van een mens is vaak nog spannender dan het verkennen van dezelfde factoren in een landschap: er zit een verborgen innerlijk achter dat naast de herkenbaarheid verbeeld moet worden.

Mata Hari series

In the past 10 years the series 'Mata Hari portrayed' was created.My interest for the fenomenon and person Mata Hari has a long history. Several years ago this lead to exploration of this fascinating personality by painting different sides of her personality. An illustration of her execution by Johannes Mulders for the ballad by Douwe Tamminga, was the final trigger. After gathering material I started with small portraits. These portraits depict the person not the 'personality'. The bigger canvasses show other aspects of her life; Mata Hari dancing or posing. In 2017 it was the 100th anniversary of the execution of Mata Hari.


education Academy Minerva, Groningen, living and working in Oosterstreek
The Netherlands