Ekaterina Dmitrieva

Ekaterina Dmitrieva

Moscow, Russia

About Ekaterina Dmitrieva

I was born in Moscow on December 11, 1987.

In every new piece of my art works there are more questions than answers; all of its are multilateral, it is exciting to look into them again and again finding hidden details, implicit accents, thinking of motives of the plot’s concept.

In a series of paintings I decided to highlight still lifes paintings. Still life is always harmony. Because, in composing still life or bouquet, artist doing himself, as a rule, from the beginning to the end.

Still life usually consists of items which are painter's property. As philologists have at home a library, sportsmen have sports equipment, and artists have a still-life fund. Usually, things get into it for a reason: they are specially bought, collected by acquaintances and passed from generation to generation in the family. All things in the painter's «Still-life Foundation» have a history.

Along with the objects artist must also to depict the air. The viewer must be able to tell, without detective, it was hot in art workstudio or cold, what time of day, a fresh morning or a languorous evening.

I never repeat my art-works and do not make copies.
I speak Russian, English, Italian, French


Moscow Textile University


From 2007 to 2011 I worked in different interesting places.
First taught academic drawing and painting in school art-studio, then Art therapy in the Rehabilitation Centre, after that in Museum of Art Fabrics provided storage, described exhibits, conduct tours, organise events and exhibitions.

It was difficult but in 2014 I was spoke on some european languages, and since this time I began to take part in foreign art exhibitions and art salons.


"Dal Volga al Tevere" In Complex of Sant'andrea al Quirinale in Rome aprile 2016.

Exhibition in the "House of Cinema" part of art project "VIS-a-VIS" at the international film festival "STALKER" Moscow December 2015.

Exhibition in the Palazzo Priuli Bon, San STAE Venezia 12 July-21 July 2015

Inter ARTE exhibition was a part of "Art Week" in Italy, in the Savigliano city may 2015

Arte Genova 11th international contemporary Art fair, Genoa, Italy February 2015

"Russian Quartet" Collective exhibition during the carnival in Venice February 2015

"Seasons" Solo exhibition in Central House of Artists Moscow, 5 December 2014 - 11 January 2015

ARTE Padova 2014

Solo painting exhibition in the Central House of Artists in Moscow July to September 2014

Solo exhibition in the Central House of Artist in Moscow may to 22 June 2014

"Sea stars and moon stones" solo exhibition at the Central House of Artists and presentation of my "Fashion House", Moscow 2014.

IV Art forum of traditional art "Youth film festival St. Anna" exhibition was in the House of Cinema Moscow 2014

"Flowers" Solo exhibition in the Central House of Artists (Moscow 2014)

"Breeze" Solo exhibition in the "House of flamenco" in Moscow 2013

"Escape in High". Solo exhibition in Central House of Artists. Moscow may 2013

"My first 25" solo exhibition in Central House of Artists Moscow, in December 2012

Solo exhibition "Properties of Memory 3"
Solo exhibition "Properties of Memory 2"
Solo exhibition "Properties of Memory 1"
in Central House of Artists Moscow, in summer 2012

Solo exhibition "Higher and Higher!" in Central House of Artists, Moscow 2012

Solo exhibition "Right to summer" in Central House of Artists, Moscow winter 2011

ART MANEGE 2011 Moscow International Art Fair
I presented at solo show my project "Wanderers and Collectors"

ART MANEGE 2010 (Moscow International Art fair)