Lucia Mocnay

Lucia Mocnay

Melbourne, Australasia, Australia

About Lucia Mocnay

Lucia Mocnay creates anthropomorphic taxidermy artworks that are inspired by folklore, historical eras and mythologies from many different lands. As our varied cultural heritage dissipates in today’s society, her work seeks to bring about a mindfulness of the past, a reminder of our roots. In bringing to light these characters from forgotten tales, they live on, preserved in artwork for future generations.

All animal remains used in her artwork are sourced ethically.


Born in Slovakia, her family immigrated to Melbourne, Australia when she was young. Lucia’s creative side was always dominant and she completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at Monash University in 2001, where she practiced with mixed media. An avid nature lover and collector, she has always admired and collected Earth’s natural treasures, and has applied them into her artwork, blending found objects, antiquities, textiles, and ethically sourced animal remains into the rekindled artwork you see here. She is a mother of 2 boys, helps her husband run his tattoo business, and as an animal advocate and environmentalist she has been a long time financial supporter of worldwide animal charities such as World Animal Protection (formally WSPA) and local Australian charities such as Backyard Buddies and Mt Rothwell Conservation & Research Center. Her artistic influences include the Czech stop-motion animator Jan Švankmajer, bone artist Jessica Joslin and taxidermy artist Sarina Brewer.


The Other Art Fair, Melbourne, May 2019

Rites of Passage Festival, Melbourne Australia, April 20th 2018


Lucia Mocnay, Aglaia Bolis and James Cattell

WHEN: 2 December 2016 – 9 January 2017
OPENING : Wednesday 7th December, 6-8pm.
WHERE: City Library Gallery, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

‘Mythologia’ encompasses sculptural, taxidermic and photographic works by three artists.
The themes in this exhibition transport the viewer to forgotten realms of the imagination.

Lucia’s ethical taxidermy spawns from curious historical characters out of worldwide fables from the past, such as Krampus the Bavarian Christmas Counterpart.

Aglaia’s photographic works feature Lucia’s characters and visually realise the fables, and bring with them elements of magic, unexplained phenomena and anthropomorphism.

James’ intricate sculptures have roots in wunderkammer, sideshow, early robotics and animation. He invites the viewers to interact physically with his work, while sparking them to create their own personal mythologies.